At, we take very seriously the privacy of our users and the security of their personal information. This Privacy Policy will tell you what information we may collect about you when you use our Website. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully and check it occasionally afterwards, as we may change it from time to time.


This Privacy Policy applies to the websites operated under license by New Idea LLC (Administrator) located at (Website). If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you must discontinue using the Website and terminate your registration with us if you have one.


Non-Personal Information

1.       We monitor the use of the Website by collecting aggregate information. During this process, a non-personally identifiable data is collected regardless of whether you are a registered or non-registered user. We may collect information like the number of visitors to the Website, frequency of the visits, originating domains of the Users, behavior on the Website, etc. We may also acquire non-personal information about our users from external sources.

2.       We may monitor and collect data you submit or post by using the Website and some of its tools or features, regardless of its nature, in an aggregate manner, in order to improve the functionality of the Website.


Personal Information

3.       By becoming a registered user at or by using some of the Website’s tools or features, you may be required to or asked to voluntarily post or submit various personal information. Personal Information means information which may be used to identify you, such as name, address, IP, or email address. We also consider Personal Information such information which, by itself, does not identify you, but links to other information which identifies you (for example, a Facebook profile), or a group of information detailed enough to identify you as an individual. We also consider Personal Information health information or health-related data which you may post or submit by using some of the Website’s tools or features.


User account

4.       You create a user account when you register at During the registration process, you will submit to the Website some information, like email address, password, or your cycle data. You may create only one user account. You may edit the data linked to your user account in the settings tab of your account. The accuracy of this data and the data provided during the registration process will impact your experience with

5.       You may delete your user account in the settings tab. By doing so, you will delete all data linked to your user account, but not the data made public, shared with others, posted on the Website, or collected about you by the Administrator in an aggregate manner.


Invite a friend

6.       If you use one of the Website’s features to email someone who has not yet registered with, you submit to the Website that person’s email address. OvuFriend will use this email address to send a one-time email to this person and will neither store nor use this email address for any other reason.


Emails we may send to You

7.       At registration and at various times as you use the Website, you will be given the option to accept or decline receiving email communication from

8.       If you choose to accept email communication from, we may send you various messages pertaining to your interests, status, Website’s features, etc. as well as messages of a commercial nature. We will not share your email address with third parties providing the commercial content.

9.       You can always modify your choice in the Settings tab of your account. If you choose to opt out of receiving email messages from, you may also simply click the “unsubscribe” link provided at the bottom of every message we may send to You.

10.    In general, the messages we may send to you may contain information that are either interesting or (in our opinion) important to you. Declining to receive communication from may adversely impact your overall experience with the Website.


Market Research

11.    From time to time, the Administrator may conduct online research surveys through emails, email invitations, Website’s messaging system, pop-up surveys, online focus groups, and others. Some of the surveys may collect Personal Information or ask you to submit some Personal Information. Surveys will always adhere to the Website’s Privacy Policy.


Posted or submitted Content

12.    The Website’s Users have many options to interact with other users and to post and submit content, including, but not limited to Forum entries or comments, Journal entries or comments, charts, images, media (photos, videos, audio), signatures, avatars, URL links, contact forms (Content), in a public (visible to everyone) or private (visible to you or your friends) manner. In either case, for safety reasons, you may neither post nor submit any Personal Information about yourself or any other person. When you post or submit Content in a public manner (including, but not limited to Forum entries or comments, publicly shared Journals, chart notes, etc.) you make it visible to everyone, including search engines, data aggregators, and other third parties.

13.    If you choose to post or submit Content in a Community Area (such as Forum, Journals, Comment Sections, etc.) some of the information about your use of the Website may be posted along with it, such as registration date, last login date, age, nickname, country of origin, entries posted on the forums, etc. If you do not agree to post this data along with Content posted by you, please refrain from submitting or posting any content to the Website.

14.    The Administrator may collect and analyze data submitted or posted to the Website by the Users.

15.    If you post or submit by mistake some Personal Information to the Website, please use the Contact Form to ask us to remove it from In some cases, we may not be able to remove your Personal Information.


Emails you send to

16.    This Privacy Policy does not apply to messages and the content of the messages you send to (whether by using the Contact Form available on the Website or by using any of our email addresses). This may include, but is not limited to, Personal Information relating to your or your family’s physical or mental health or condition, business information, ideas, concepts, or inventions. If you want to keep this content private and proprietary, please do not send it to us.

17.    We reserve the right to store, act upon, and use in any way the content you transmit to


Cookies and Web Beacons

18.    We collect Non-Personal Information about your use of the Website or the messages we send to you, through the use of Cookies and Web Beacons. You may modify your web browser’s or email client’s settings in order to accept or not accept Cookies or Web Beacons. Not accepting Cookies or Web Beacons may adversely impact your experience with


Information Collected by Third Parties

19.    We currently cooperate or may cooperate in the future with various Third Parties such as payment processing firms, advertisers, etc. We do not share Personal or Non-Personal information with such Third Parties. However, the Administrator has no control over whether or how such Third Parties collect and manage Personal or Non-Personal information about our Users. We ask such Third Parties to obtain an explicit consent from the users prior to collecting any Personal information.

20.    Certain content, services and advertisements offered to you through the Website are served on, or contain links to, websites hosted and operated by companies other than the Administrator. We try to make it obvious to you when you leave the website either by opening the site in a new window/tab or by explicitly describing this fact near this external content. In any case, you should always pay attention to the address bar of you browser and if it does not point to the domain, please be informed that you have left the Website.

21.    You should be aware that any information you disclose on a website other than, even if redirected from, is not subject to this Privacy Policy. The Administrator does not endorse and is not responsible for the privacy practices of these third party websites.


Operations and Maintenance Contractors

22.    Our contractors (which include, but are not limited to vendors, suppliers, or consultants in the fields of technology, data analysis, optimization, research, etc.) may sometimes have limited access to some of the information collected by the Administrator about our Users. We contractually require such contractors not to collect or share any information they learn while providing their service and, in general, to comply with the terms set out by this Privacy Policy.


How we may use the information collected about You

23.    In general, we use all the information collected about our Users with the aim of providing better service through the Website. In particular, we use the Personal and Non-Personal information collected to:

a)      administer and operate the Website and your account;

b)      provide you with access to particular tools, features, and services offered by the Website;

c)       develop and improve the Website and create new functionalities;

d)      respond to the communication you send to us;

e)      statistically analyze user behavior on the Website;

f)        provide you with more relevant content or advertising both on the Website or on other websites that you visit after you leave;

g)      conduct research and analysis activities;

The above list is not exhaustive and the Administrator reserves the right to use Personal and Non-Personal information collected about the Users for other reasons than those listed above.


Sharing the information we collect about You

24.    The Administrator will not share, sell, rent, or disclose any Personal Information that we have collected through the Website except as described in this Privacy Policy, or in the following instances:

a)      we have been given your consent to disclose;

b)      we have previously informed you of the disclosure, including by means of our Privacy Policy or on the Website;

c)       we are required by an applicable law, legal process, or court order to disclose;

d)      disclosure is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who has violated our Terms and Conditions or this Privacy Policy.

25.    We may share your Personal Information or Non-Personal Information with any of our subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under common control as well as with our licensors or licensees always in compliance with the terms set out by this Privacy Policy.

26.    In the event of a corporate change in control resulting from, for example, a sale to, or merger with, another entity, or in the event of a sale of all or portion of our assets or a bankruptcy, the Administrator reserves the right to transfer your Personal Information to the new party in control or the party acquiring the assets. You acknowledge that such transfers may occur and are permitted by this Privacy Policy.



27.    We place a priority on the security of Personal Information, and we undertake reasonable security measures to help protect the data that resides on our servers. However, since no security system is impenetrable, we do not warrant the security of our servers, nor do we warrant that your information, including Personal Information, will be completely secure or not be intercepted while being transmitted over the Internet.

28.    To maximize the security of the payment transactions, we use services of certified, professional firms. All payment transactions are done outside of servers, directly between you and the payment processing firm.


Final Provisions

29.    We reserve the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy at any time and any changes will be effective upon being posted on the Website unless we advise otherwise. We encourage you to periodically review this website for the latest information on our privacy practices. If you do not accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, you must not to register with us (or terminate your registration if you had registered with previously), and you must not use

30.    If you continue your registration or your use of the Website, it shall be interpreted as consent to the currently applicable Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy is in force as of the March 18th 2013.



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