What is OvuFriend?

OvuFriend is an AI-powered, personalized mobile application and web platform. It uses science and data analysis (including AI algorithms) to help women understand their fertility, take care of their health, get pregnant faster and detect hormonal health problems at an early stage (e.g. infertility, thyroid diseases, endometriosis). The project was accelerated by Google for Startups, and BlackBox vc in San Francisco. Algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning were developed by world-class data scientists during the R&D project supported by Polish National Center for Research and Development on the basis of millions of data & menstrual cycles.

Our goal

We use science and data to help women care for their intimate health. We are here to support you no matter what your goal is - to get pregnant or just to learn your fertility and understand your body.

How it works

We use science and data and combine it with your knowledge about your body to provide you with the most accurate interpretation of your cycles, hormonal health and help you detect hormonal issues early on. OvuFriend works great also for irregular cycles, difficult to interpret for most fertility apps on the market. The more information about your cycles, body and symptoms you put to the app on the regular basis, the better prediction and interpretation we will be able to give you.

What matters most for us?

We want you to feel good about OvuFriend and trust us. Your data is safe with us. We will never share your data with anyone. We take your personal data very seriously. We are here for you! If you have a problem, suggestion, or would like to share something with us, write to us: contact@ovufriend.com

Is OvuFriend paid for?

Yes, but for the first 30 days you can test all OvuFriend Premium features for free! After 30 days of trial you will decide whether you want to continue with Premium subscription. Access to all Premium features costs only 9.99 EUR / month.