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Would you like to track your cycles and understand your fertility? Or are you planning to get pregnant or have been trying to have a baby for some time? No matter what your goal is - OvuFriend will help you achieve your goal successfully. Leave it to OvuFriend's AI algorithms to learn your cycles, calculate fertile days, determine a reliable date of ovulation, provide you with the exciting cycle statistics and detect potential irregularities and risks of health problems. Create Free account, and you will find out when your ovulation and fertile days will occur, whether your cycles look good or whether there are any irregularities or potential problems. And if you're trying to have a baby, you'll find out how to increase your chances of getting pregnant!

We know very well how many questions and doubts you may have about your fertility, especially if you are trying to get pregnant or have hormonal problems. In this section we have gathered the most frequently asked questions by women, OvuFriend users - here you will find reliable answers to all of them!

If you would like to share your OvuFriend experience with us, please write to us. Also share with us if you would like to see some new functionality in OvuFriend or have any suggestions or comments. We are always happy to listen to our users and reply to emails quickly!

Read why we created OvuFriend, who we are and how we work. Find out what is important to us and what our goals are.

Here you will find out how much we value privacy, why OvuFriend will never share your personal data and why you can feel safe with OvuFriend.

To ensure transparency and security in OvuFriend, users are required to follow the rules written in Terms of Service.

Read about the subscription types and the benefits of Premium subscription in OvuFriend. The mission of OvuFriend is to help ALL women who want to understand their fertility, detect possible hormonal problems and cycles disorders early on or determine your fertile days and ovulation, so every user in OvuFriend has free access to our unique Advanced Ovulation Detector based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms.