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OvuFriend is one of the few mobile apps on the market whose performance is based on years of research and development, and its effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific studies. For 10 years, top-notch scientists and doctors have been working to make OvuFriend analyze the menstrual cycle, determine fertile days, ovulation and menstruation with the highest reliability.

As a result of many scientific studies, the OvuFriend system learns each woman's fertility, her individual characteristics, trends and patterns in the cycle. OvuFriend has already made getting pregnant easier for more than 50,000 women!  At OvuFriend, we believe that the power of data can revolutionize fertility issues and support many women in learning about their fertility, getting pregnant faster, or detecting potential hormonal health problems at an early stage.

What does it mean that the app "learns your fertility"?

It means that the app infers and continuously adjusts its analysis and predictions based on the information you enter and the information added by other women in the population similar to you. OvuFriend takes into account the uniqueness of each woman and learns her individual rhythm. Every woman is different, and consequently women's menstrual cycles are also different.

OvuFriend, thanks to machine learning algorithms, including artificial intelligence algorithms, takes into account the fact that every woman is different and interprets every parameter you enter on the fly. Thus, OvuFriend is able to interpret even the most difficult & irregular menstrual cycles. 

How to make the most of the OvuFriend app? 

It's very simple! The more information you regularly enter into the app, the better and faster OvuFriend will learn your fertility. It usually takes a minimum of two cycles to learn your individual rhythm, trends, and the characteristic symptoms and signals your body sends out through hormones.

The combination of many years of scientific research, the latest technology, and your attentiveness to what your body is "saying" to you is the whole secret of OvuFriend's effectiveness. It will help you quickly learn about your fertility and achieve your goal - get a healthy and desired pregnancy faster or learn about your hormonal health to enjoy your femininity.

What do you get using the OvuFriend app? 

  • you will learn about your fertility - detect your fertile and infertile days, know the reliable ovulation date,
  • you will detect potential fertility problems - you will learn whether your menstrual cycles look normal, whether there are parameters in them that require consultation with a doctor,
  • you will get interesting summaries and statistics of your fertility and menstrual cycles,
  • you will learn about your PMS symptoms. There are symptoms that a significant number of women experience before their period, such as painful breasts or lowered mood. There are also those that only you may experience - these symptoms may be specific and typical only for you. Thanks to OvuFriend you will learn to recognize them, understand them and know when to expect what in your cycle.
  • you will get to know your ovulation symptoms - you will learn which symptoms occur most often, are most typical for you during your fertile days (periovulatory days). This will allow you to accurately identify impending ovulation.
  • you will take care of basic female health examinations. You will learn which tests, with what frequency should be repeated, and if it is time to perform them, 
  • you will receive personalized guidance on diet to support your fertility and women's health, 
  • each day you will receive an interesting tip of the day!

What sets OvuFriend apart?

  • It is based on hard data, science and advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence algorithms. There are many apps and tools available on the market to determine fertile days. Unfortunately, few are reliable, most of them are simple fertile day calculators that rely on simple mathematical formulas that only work well for simple, textbook 28-day menstrual cycles.
  • It analyzes irregular and complicated cycles well, which are challenging for simple menstrual calendars. 
  • It helps detect potential problems with fertility, menstrual cycle or other hormonal abnormalities.
  • We cooperate with the best medical, fertility support, infertility treatment facilities to provide the most up-to-date service. 
  • We believe in a personalized approach - we will show you information, advice or statistics tailored to your situation and needs. 
  • In addition to a scientific approach, we understand your need to connect with other women in a similar situation, so we also create a huge community of women interested in fertility, trying to get pregnant or hormonal problems.
  • We give you access to knowledge and analysis of your cycle. We know that you are curious about what's going on with your fertility and want to be involved in your health, that's why we show you a lot of extended cycle statistics & analyses of symptoms occurring during different phases of your cycle. For women trying to get pregnant we have a lot of additional analyses i.e. pregnancy symptoms and chances analyses.

What exactly are OvuFriend's research and development projects, what do they consist of, what is their purpose and budget?

In OvuFriend we implement research and development projects co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Intelligent Development 2014-2020:

Title "Development of globally new solutions in the area of machine learning supporting family planning and overcoming the problem of infertility"

Project Objective

ensuring high efficiency in supporting women in their efforts to become pregnant by developing novel technological solutions in the areas of advanced algorithmics and machine learning.

Achieved effects/benefits for OvuFriend users

  • Effective support for women to get pregnant by learning women's fertility, detecting fertile days and ovulation for cycles even very difficult to interpret, and reducing barriers to using the system.
  • Detecting fertility problems at a very early stage and supporting the woman after detecting fertility problems.


Value of the project: 1 020 759,18 EUR

European Funds contribution: 796 247,76 EUR

Date of implementation: 01.02.2018-30.07.2020

Title "Development of innovative solutions in the area of detection of common intimate and hormonal health conditions in women of reproductive age based on artificial intelligence and machine learning - OvuFriend 2.0"

Project objective

To develop a system based on AI algorithms for assessing the risk of women suffering from the following disorders or ailments: hormone-related menstrual disorders (thyroid disease, PCOS, hyperprolactinemia), anatomical and hormone-related intermenstrual spotting (myomas, polyps, luteal phase incompetence), premenstrual syndrome.

Planned effects/benefits for OvuFriend users

  • Detection of hormonal and anatomical problems at a very early stage (thyroid disorders, PCOS, hyperprolactinemia, myomas, polyps, luteal phase incompetence, premenstrual syndrome)
  • Early detection of the potential impact of these conditions on pregnancy problems
  • Support women not planning a pregnancy to monitor their hormonal health up to and including menopause.


Project value: 1 222 753,33 EUR
Contribution of European Funds: 892 360,00 EUR
Implementation date: 1.05.2021-31.10.2023


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