Reliable fertile days calendar - OvuFriend benefits and features

What are the benefits of using OvuFriend?

The main benefits of using OvuFriend application are:
  • Understanding your fertility and hormonal health - you will learn the exact, reliable date of the fertile days and ovulation based on artificial intelligence analysis, credible even for irregular cycles, 
  • Detection of early pregnancy signs,
  • Forecast for chance of pregnancy in a given cycle,
  • Cycle interpretation towards pregnancy chances,
  • Detecting possible health problems early on. OvuFriend will notify you if it detects something potentially worrying in your fertility and hormonal health such as possible thyroid disease, endometriosis or PCOS,
  • Receiving interesting analyses of your hormonal health, advanced menstrual cycle statistics and the accompanying symptoms (tracking 80+ symptoms),
  • Getting PMS and incoming ovulation symptoms analysis,
  • Prevention - receiving personalised examination calendar,
  • Getting personalized health insights - our virtual health assistant will provide you with personalized feedback and tips on your data entry. It will also ask you additional questions if needed, crucial to the right detection and prevention. It will remind you of important milestones and show you personalized expert advice every day: gynaecologists, endocrinologists, dieticians, among others.
Check how OvuFriend can help you - download the application from GooglePlay or AppStore. 

Effective OvuFriend fertile days calendar - how does it differ from other applications?

OvuFriend is not a simple fertile days calculator or a simple menstrual application.
What distinguishes OvuFriend?
  • it is based on hard data, science and advanced analysis, including artificial intelligence algorithms, 
  • well analyzes irregular, complicate cycles, which are a challenge for simple menstrual calendars, 
  • helps to detect potential fertility problems, menstrual cycle or other hormonal problems at an early stage, 
  • we believe in a personalized approach - information, advice or statistics will be shown to you in a way tailored to your situation and needs. 
  • we give you access to knowledge and analysis of your cycle. We know that you are curious about what is happening with your fertility and you want to be involved in your health, that is why we show you a lot of interesting statistics of your cycle and analyses of symptoms occurring during different phases of your cycle.
  • for women trying to get pregnant we have many additional analyses i.e. analysis of very early pregnancy symptoms. 
  • we make sure that information we provide in OvuFriend are prepared with medical experts and are in line with the latest world trends.

What disorders can be detected with the OvuFriend Ovulation calendar?

Information from the OvuFriend application will help you to detect such health problems as:

- Hormonal disorders that result in deviations in the menstrual cycle - e.g. irregular cycles, too long or too short cycles, incorrect length of menstrual bleeding,

- No ovulation or temporary problems with ovulation (anovulatory cycles) - it is normal that from time to time every woman has cycles where no ovulation occurs (so-called anovulatory cycles). In case of a fully healthy woman, on average, there are about two such anovulatory cycles per year; there should be no more. If track your cycles in the OvuFriend application and the system does not determine your ovulation cycles, it is worth consulting a specialist who will probably have the cycle monitoring carried out by a gynecologist. 

- Late ovulation - it happens that ovulation occurs very late in your menstrual cycle. If this happens in your case, and your cycles are prolonged, it is worth consulting your doctor.

- Luteal phase disorder (short luteal phase) - occurs when the second phase of your menstrual cycle (from ovulation to the next period) is too short. The average luteal phase lasts from 10-16 days. If your second phase of the cycle is shorter and you are trying to get pregnant, it can make it difficult for the fertilized egg to implant into the uterus. 

- Endometriosis - your menstrual cycles may have symptoms that may indicate endometriosis, such as heavy, painful periods, pain during intercourse or abdominal pain accompanying different phases of your menstrual cycle. 

- PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) - a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. It results in irregular periods or no periods at all, difficulty getting pregnant as a result of irregular ovulation or failure to ovulate, excessive hair growth (hirsutism) or weight gain.

- Thyroid diseases - hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Thyroid diseases can affect your menstrual cycle. In combination with symptom analysis you can detect a deviation in your thyroid gland at an early stage. Thyroid diseases impair fertility and can even lead to miscarriages. 

- Low levels of progesterone - low levels of progesterone in the second phase of the cycle may indicate lower temperatures from ovulation to the next menstruation. By measuring your body basal temperature every day and observing your fertility, you are able to catch problems with low levels of progesterone. Interpretations of the temperature level can be found in the OvuFriend Fertility and Health Analyses, the system will notify you if it detects any abnormalities.

Other abnormalities in menstrual cycles, such as recurring pain or spotting. See the section "Consult your doctor" in the application and check if you have any parameters that are worth consulting with a specialist.

Remember, although we use the most advanced machine learning algorithms and the latest expert knowledge to interpret your fertility and menstrual cycles, OvuFriend is not a diagnostic and medical tool and under no circumstances can it replace medical consultation and reliable medical diagnosis! OvuFriend is only supposed to help you to take care of your health at home, achieve your goal (e.g. get pregnant), or help you to catch at an early stage possible problems that you wouldn't be able to detect before a long time without your proper attention and awareness, and our analysis.