More than a period tracker - key information about OvuFriend

What is OvuFriend?

OvuFriend is a mobile application that uses science and data analysis, including artificial intelligence, to help women learn about their fertility, get pregnant faster or detect potential problems with fertility or hormone health at an early stage. 
OvuFriend is more than just a regular menstrual calendar. OvuFriend on the basis of regularly entered information about your health, mood, symptoms, medications or tests will provide you with personalized information about your fertility and menstrual cycle. Based on your data such as cervical mucus, symptoms, mood or possibly morning body temperature (BBT), it will reliably determine your fertile and infertile days and date of ovulation.
You will receive interesting statistics and analyses of your menstrual cycle and hormone health, e.g. analysis of your PMS symptoms or your most frequent symptoms of upcoming ovulation. If the system detects something potentially worrying in your cycles and fertility, it will inform you about it in the "Consult your doctor" section, which is included in the Fertility and Health Analysis. 
Your health is important to us, therefore the OvuFriend application will additionally support you in taking care of prevention. You will find out which tests are worth doing regularly and at what intervals they are recommended. If the time of your next test comes, the system will remind you about it.  
Women who are trying to have a baby love the Pregnancy Signs Detector - after ovulation it will show you whether the symptoms you are experiencing may indicate pregnancy. You will find out, among other things, what % of women who got pregnant felt similar symptoms to yours! In addition, the pregnancy signs detector will evaluate your intercourse time in each cycle to assess your chances of getting pregnant.
OvuFriend is available both in AppStore and Google Play.

How long does it take to use OvuFriend menstrual calendar?

Just a few minutes a day to complete information about your health, cycle, mood or symptoms. But it all depends on you and your goal. 

If you use OvuFriend to prepare for pregnancy, get pregnant or are undergoing infertility treatment, it is worthwhile for you to spend some more time on recording information. The more information you provide, the better OvuFriend will learn your fertility. 

Similarly, if you feel something that worries you, e.g. low libido, abdominal pain, spotting, or heavy bleeding, then in addition to the obvious consultation with your doctor, it is worthwhile for you to take some time and note down your symptoms and information about your menstrual cycle in the application on a daily basis for at least 3 cycles. 

If you use OvuFriend to track your cycles, to know when your last menstruation occurred, to know if your cycles are regular and to have your fertility under control, it is probably enough to log the most important parameters of your cycle once in a while, i.e. menstrual bleeding, cervical mucus or the symptoms you feel, which you consider important. The system analyzes the information you enter on an ongoing basis. 

At OvuFriend you will be supported by a digital health assistant, which will give you personalized tips, hints and ask for relevant information about your cycles and fertility if needed for your cycles and health evaluation.


What do I need to use OvuFriend application?

Just download the free OvuFriend app from Appstore or GooglePlay and start typing simple observations of your body, mood or activity. Using an OvuFriend menstrual calendar is very easy. If you would also like to measure your body basal temperature in the morning (BBT), it is worth to have a thermometer measuring temperature to two decimal places. However, to determine ovulation and fertile days in the OvuFriend application it is not necessary to measure your body basal temperature.

Does it make sense to use a menstrual calendar if the cycles are irregular?

Sure you do! OvuFriend is mostly created to help women get pregnant. And often it is the women who have irregular cycles that need this help the most, because they find it most difficult to determine the fertile days and date of ovulation. What distinguishes OvuFriend from other fertile days applications is the high credibility of determining ovulation in case of irregular cycles.

Why use the OvuFriend application if I am not trying to get pregnant?

OvuFriend will help you take care of your fertility and find out many fascinating facts about your fertility and hormonal health. The OvuFriend menstrual calendar will not only tell you when your fertile and infertile days may occur, but also, based on the information you have entered, check if you are ovulating, if your menstrual cycles seems to be in normal range and if there is something in your cycles or fertility worth consulting your doctor.