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Track your cycles and detect problems
at an early stage

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What are the OvuFriend key benefits?

Understand your fertility and hormonal health
We use science and data to help you care for your intimate health! Our AI algorithms analyze your cycle and hormonal health - your will learn about your fertile days, ovulation, next menstruation, PMS symptoms. Log simple data in the application and you will receive many exciting reports and personalized analyses. You can choose from more than 80 symptoms and activities.
Discover your early pregnancy symptoms!
If you're trying to get pregnant, it's the perfect place for you! Here you will find many unique analyses, reports and expert advice every day. In the second phase of the cycle, you get analysis of the early symptoms of pregnancy. The AI algorithms will analyse your symptoms after ovulation, compare them to the thousands of symptoms of women who have become pregnant and indicate your chances of getting pregnant on a given day after ovulation. We will evaluate your intercourse time and calculate your potential due date.
You will detect possible health problems
Are you worried about spotting in your cycles, heavy menstruation, irregular cycles or low libido? OvuFriend will analyse all your logged symptoms, your menstrual cycles, or even your mood. The application will notify you if it detects something potentially disturbing in your fertility and hormonal health such as possible thyroid disease, endometriosis or PCOS. Tracking your symptoms and cycles, you will soon understand your body and learn what may require medical consultation.
Get personalized health insights
OvuFriend is like a friend! Our virtual health assistant will provide you with personalized feedback and tips on your data entry. It will also ask you additional questions if needed, crucial to the right detection and prevention. It will remind you of important milestones and show you personalized expert advice every day: gynaecologists, endocrinologists, dieticians, among others.
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6 000 000 of data points collected & analyzed
700 000 menstrual cycles
300 000 Women trying to get pregnant

What makes OvuFriend different?

OvuFriend is based on evidence & science. It’s supported by Polish National Center for Research and Development and Google for Startups. Our best in class data scientists & research team has analysed and understood millions of data points and menstrual cycles to help you better care for your fertility, get pregnant faster or detect health problems at an early stage.
World class specialists & experts
We cooperate only with the best experts in their fields, from infertility treatment specialists to endometriosis experts, psychologists and even dieticians. We try to give you knowledge that is reliable, proven and in line with the latest trends.