Journals / Title: TTC #4 after 40

Author: GLBaby1

About me: Newly remarried mother of three TTC #4 with new husband that has no children of his own and has MFI

Months trying to conceive: 6 months

My story: After having three beautiful baby girls, I am recently remarried to the man of my dreams. He has no children of his own and desperately wants to have a child with me. I thought that due to my age, conceiving would be difficult. But as luck would have it, I am still a baby factory but my husband, who is younger, has male factor issues... Basically, low everything :'(. We have been through two cycles of IUI with no success, which was utterly heartbreaking. My husband actually cried this month when my AF made her unwanted appearance. We were so confident the IUI last month was going to work because the timing and my three follicles were all perfect. We are holding off on round three until we have a sperm DNA fragmentation test done, which may shed some light as to why we are not getting pregnant. Based on the possible causes of DNA damage, there is a very good chance that that is the problem. Considering that I got pregnant twice while on birth control, all of this tracking and monitoring is totally new to me and has got me a little crazy and obsessed. Anyone else feel that way? Any support or buddies would be greatly appreciated. Today is cycle day 12 and the opk says GO! Wish me luck! Baby Dust to all!

My emotions: Stir crazy with a total lack of confidence I will get pregnant

14th November, 6:13 pm

Really confused this morning. My chart seems to think I ovulated on CD10, but only based on my temp chart alone, and that seems a bit early. My DH attacked me this morning, so I didn't have a chance to check my CM. My cervix is super high and I can't tell of its opened or closed. My temp has climbed slowly since day 10 and typically day 12 or 13 I see the dip and the spike happens around day 15 or 16. My cycles are between 25-27 days, so ovulating on day 10 makes no sense to me... Neither do small temp increases mid cycle with no real dip or spike when it typically happens. Starting to wonder if I ovulated at all or if it just hasn't happened yet. After two rounds of failed IUI, we are going med free this month, so I am also wondering if the previous medicated cycles have my body a bit confused. I initially decided to stop doing all of this tracking, but on CD11, I had a large amount of creamy CM, and my cervix was soft, which prompted me to do an opk, which was positive. Day 12, I started cramping. So again, could day 10 ovulation be right? Or maybe CD10 was the beginning of ovulation prep? I think I had EW this morning, but I have have to wait to check again later (thanks DH ;-)). Sticky baby dust!!!

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17th November, 11:18 am

So no idea what the heck is going on with my cycle this month. Starting to think I never ovulated this month thanks to my BBT being steady as a rock. No real dip except on CD 9, and my temp has increased steadily about .02-.04 per day, which has never happened during these several months of temping. I never saw any significant ovulation CM; much less than usual, so I am not sure what to think. Going to see my OB on Monday, so maybe she can shed so insite.

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24th November, 7:56 pm

Been taking Wondfo dip tests since Friday. Ovu says I ovulated on day 15... But that's after changing it from day 10, to 11, to 12, then finally 15. So no idea when I actually O'd. Today is cycle day 23 and my cycles are between 25 and 27 days. Seeing a line on Wondfo test since Friday and this morning it was even darker. Terrified to take another kind of test and be let down. Especially if it gives me a "no" and I really am finally pregnant because of the sensitivity difference. No sure what to do next. So impatient.

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