Journals / Title: TTC #1 with PCOS

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23rd July, 1:28 pm

Not much new here. I've had a midwife appointment last week, it was very short but I got to hear the baby's heartbeat and I found out that the risk for Downs Syndrome is 1 in 14,000. Also, I think I might be starting to feel the baby: I feel a strange sensation every day now but it's not very strong so I'm not entirely sure what it is. Now, I'm just waiting for my scan in two weeks :-) Hope everyone else here is going well and will be getting good news in the near-future!

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4th August, 12:44 pm

3 days to go before my next scan and 4 before my holiday. I can't wait :-)

Kitten, it's my 20 week scan and I'm going to find out the sex. I've had the feeling that it's a boy from the beginning. I don't really believe I could juste know (I might be right but it would probably be because I have a 50% chance!). I would be as happy if it were a girl but I would need to get used to the idea so I'd rather find out now. And my partner wants to find out too so it was an easy decision.

Other than that, I'm ok. I feel very energetic at the moment and I've been tidying up and cleaning for the last three weekends. I don't think the house has ever looked so good! The future baby's room is now empty and we're going to have the carpet professionally cleaned and then we'll order the furniture.

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21st August, 12:00 pm

Sorry to see the the morale seems very low around here. I hope you ladies are doing ok.

I just thought I'd update as it's been a while. I had my 20-week scan two weeks ago. I took a very long time because the baby didn't want to show his face but everything seems normal and it's a boy!

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4th September, 2:57 pm

Not much to report. I'm looking forward to my midwife appointment next week and I've reached 24 weeks today so technically, the baby would be viable if it was born today. I've had a nightmare about giving birth way too early recently so I feel a bit better knowing this.

We haven't made a lot of progress with the bedroom, after emptying it and cleaning it entirely, we noticed mold and fungus in a corner. Apparently, it's due to the shower being on the other side of the wall and the tiles being a bit loose. The wall is a little damp but it's not too bad but there was some mold and fungus on the carpet so we lifted it and it's a disaster underneath. I'm waiting to hear from the letting agency now but I don't know what we're going to do if they don't want to fix it... We had already ordered the furniture so we have it but can't put it together. It's really frustrating and stressful.

On a happier note, we're off to my sister's wedding next Friday and we'll stay with my parents for 10 days afterwards. I'm very happy about it because I haven't seen them since May.

Sending some baby dust your way!

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8th June, 5:25 pm

Kitten and Rosey,

I've been thinking about you but wasn't sure if I should write or not. I'm so sorry that you don't have any good news to share yet. I really hope it will happen soon for both of you.

Everything is ok here, I had my baby boy on December 30th (5 days late). The delivery was harder than I expected and we had some breastfeeding issues for the first few months but everything is fine now and we couldn't be happier. I'm back at work now and his dad is on additional paternity leave but I work from home so I still see them which makes the transition easier. We're also in the process of buying our first home :-)

I hope you're both ok xx

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