Journals / Title: TTC # 1, never thought it would take so long! :(

Author: Pi-Chi

About me: My name is Jenna, I am 21, DH is 23, happily together. :) I guess it's a good thing we started trying early, I'm getting to know my body a little to well. -.-

Months trying to conceive: 30+ months around. I know that I'm not the only one who has gone through this.

My story: I've never taken birth control before, my cycles are fairly regular. I always thought it would be so easy to get pregnant. Guess I was wrong. It's hard month after month dealing with starting your cycle over and over again after no progress. DH has mostly quit smoking now, so hopefully will help us boost our chances! As well as trying to eat even more healthier. Trying to stay positive, being patient, and lately been having more faith. CD11 today, got a high today on my CBFM so I really hope this is the month.

My emotions: Frustrated, Excited, Worried, Temperamental.. :)

19th September, 8:35 pm

CBFM didn't end up giving me a Peak this cycle. I think it's because I ovulated much earlier than usual. It's CD24, so I'm almost there. I don't think I could take another month of getting my AF. :p I feel more hopeful this month, slightly crampy and my boobs seem swelled and a bit sore. It's too bad pregnancy symptoms and period symptoms are almost identical!! I had brown, pink, and dark red spotting CD 16. Normally I ovulate CD 17-18 lately but this cycle it may have been CD 13-14.

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20th September, 4:43 pm

Burning crampy right side pain today.. not sure what it's from.

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22nd September, 2:25 pm

CD26. Feel normal today, nothing to note right now. Yesterday, I felt like crap all day. I hope I still have a chance.. (yn)

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23rd September, 2:11 pm

This morning I have a bit of cramps. If I get my period this month it can come anywhere between CD 26-32. Since I ovulated earlier (I'm assuming) I should get my period CD28. I am going to be patient and not test until Day 34. Really hoping this is the month! I've waited long enough! lol :)

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24th September, 2:40 pm

Feel pretty bloated and getting those 'period' like cramps, and a little bit of white cm. It's hard to be hopeful with these symptoms, but AF and pregnancy symptoms are almost identical. Got to stay positive! <3

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27th September, 2:59 pm

The past few days I haven't experienced anything new. Cm is still fairly dry. Today is CD 31 and I haven't had a period later than CD 32 lately, they do mostly come earlier than that, I thought I should wait and stay patient this month and I'm surprised that I did. :) Finger's crossed. (yn)
Although, those 'period' cramps are really worrying me.. :(

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29th September, 3:17 pm

What are the odds.. After soooo long trying to conceive my first, I have to say, I got my BFP this morning!! :) It just goes to show how period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are exactly the same. So happy right now. ! I still can't believe it, it hasn't sunk in.

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