Journals / Title: TTC #1

Author: src443

About me: I am a 30 yr old Wife and Mother of 3. I love my children and would love to have more, at least one more. :)

Months trying to conceive: My Husband and I have been married for 5 yrs and have been trying ever since to get pregnant. I was recently diagnosed with Insulin resistance that could be due to PCOS. This is our first cycle TTC after the diagnosis and treatment.

My emotions: I was really frustrated for a while, but now I just have such a peace that it will happen in God's time because I know what He has promised me.

27th April, 1:40 am

So today I feel like I have enough energy to run a marathon (although I won't). I woke up this morning feeling like I was on top of the world for some reason. Maybe it was because my Hubby and I BD'D the night before :) I have had positive OPK's since the 21st of this month. Yesterday the OPK's test line was way darker than the control line. Could it be that my LH was higher than the ones before and the OPK picked that up? I hope so. We have timed BD'ing just right this month so I'm praying that this month is the month. My temp rose this morning so I guess that's a good sign. We'll see over the next week.

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29th April, 1:22 am

Thanks Rosey!!! And yes, when you put it that way running a home is a lot like running a marathon :) So far my chart looks pretty good, I'm actually surprised. I am 3 dpo, and Ovufriend says "Very Good" for our intercourse timing. I am praying that this month is it. If not, then we'll keep trying and continue to pray. I am content either way :)

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29th April, 6:33 pm

How awesome is that??!! I wouldn't pay for OF either, I got a free 1 month trial. I think you have to keep it fun so that you don't get yourself all worked up and get stressed because it defeats the purpose. Glad that we are DPO buddies :) I'll be praying for you as well. What are your symptoms (if any)? So far, today I have had lower backache. It started out on one side now it's stretched to both sides and it feels like it is going down into the top of my rear.

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30th April, 3:56 pm

Awesome!I have been cramping since 2dpo. Last night I had terrible lower back pain. OF gave me 6 points toward pregnancy so that's good. I also have skin breakouts. Keeping hope :) sounds favorable for you as well.

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10th May, 6:59 pm

Well I'm out this month. I'm okay though. New cycle, another chance to try :) My doctor put me on 100 mg of Progesterone. I told her that I think I have a luteal phase defect due to my spotting toward the end of my luteal phase. There shouldn't be any spotting 5 days before my period starts. If between 7-10 dpo, then it would be fine. I guess we'll see how it goes this month.

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12th May, 2:09 pm

Thx Rosey!! :)

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