Journals / Title: TTC #1

Author: Hats

About me: hiya, well my partner and I are trying ttc baby no1. I thought this would be a great way to keep track of what is going on

Months trying to conceive: we been trying since beginning of August and am now on my second cycle.

My story: my first cycle was after coming off the pill and had some side effects which I hoped was baby related but turned out not :(. So I got an app for my phone for this month cycle/ further cycles (fingers cross there wont be any) to help me keep track of BD and CM which is great as I don't have to think back and remember information. I got pretty stress out last month reading what it seems lik 1000's of articles about having a baby but this month I am back to my more laid back self. im keeping an eye on my cm and on the 4th I had some ewcm (which match up with my phone app on ovulation timing) and I had some more yesterday so I double checked doing the tissue test. AF is due on 16th but its not rare for me to be a couple days either way but as its my birthday on 14th I plan to test then. (I have enough test stored up to risk it) wish me luck


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