Journals / Title: The Baby Strategy. TTC #3

Author: Wendy

About me: My name is Wendy and I am 22 years old, my husband Jonathan is 23. We have two beautiful daughters and now it is time to try for another child, he is hoping for one on the "blue" side of the field.

Months trying to conceive: Three long & painful months

My story: In September of 2012 I had my last Depo-shot. Ugghh, how I wish that I had never taken the Depo after the birth of my second child. I finally got a period in May 2013, but ever since then everything has been so messed up. This is how it goes: May 27-31, June 11-20, July 4-11, July 17-19, August 2-4! I have been trying to track my ovulation so that we know when to "get it on" but with these cycles it seems almost impossible! Everything is seeming to be regulating slowly, and with an OB/GYN appointment just yesterday(08/27/2013) I have renewed hope and a strategy for getting pregnant.

My emotions: Stressed out, defeated.

28th August, 5:47 pm

The strategy: I am going to start taking prenatal vitamins DAILY(like, more seriously than birth control), checking my cervical position and mucous, and taking my BBT every day once AF decides to arrive.
My husband and I have been having sex every day. Maybe this is our mistake. This upcoming cycle, we're only going to be "doing it" every other day in hopes to build up some good reserve for "O" day. AF is due in 2 days, and yesterday at the OB/GYN I had a negative pregnancy test. I have an ultrasound and bloodwork scheduled for this Friday, the same day that AF is supposed to arrive. Here's hoping & dreaming that she doesn't show her ugly face and that on Friday I learn that baby #3 is on the way!
If I have to look at another negative pregnancy test, I might explode!

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30th August, 3:01 pm

At 3:15 today, I have an ultrasound. Hopefully there is a teeny-tiny baby in there, despite my BFN on Tuesday. I'll also get some bloodwork done today to check my prolactin levels, progesterone, etc. to make sure that there isn't anything obvious keeping us from conceiving.

Last night I had a weird migraine-sort of thing and I was seeing little black dots in front of my eyes and I just could not speak. Like, my brain was not giving me the words that I wanted to use, and it was horrifying!

According to OvuFriend, my period was due today. Still nothing and I'm hoping that it stays that way. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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30th August, 4:45 pm

Alright, how's this one for ya: Smells are making me sick to my stomach. Seriously-- my bathroom and kitchen garbages(which were not any worse than usual) and my puppies' crate(maybe a tad worse than usual) made me sooo nauseous!

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2nd September, 3:58 pm

After a 31 day cycle, AF has arrived. Grr. Hoping to temp this time around, beginning after AF vacates the premises.

Didn't get to my ultrasound or blood work appointments this past week: ended up in the ER with an awful migraine with neurological symptoms that made me think I was having a stroke. I'm okay now, though.

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13th September, 10:04 pm

Doing everything we can this month to make baby #3!

Had my ultrasound and blood-work this morning, then an OB/GYN appt straight after. Ultrasound came back normal-- which means all of my parts are in working order! WOOHOO!

But-- We had to reschedule to OB/GYN appt because my doc really wanted to see the results of the blood-work before he saw me. So, the rescheduled appointment is for next Friday, the 20th, at 11:30 a.m.

Okay now for the things we are doing to help conception take place: we're temping, charting, taking OPKs, checking CM and cervix position, BD at least every other day(if not every day), taking vitamins, cutting back on caffeine, trying "clean eating", I am working out daily, and taking suggestions on how we can improve fertility/chances of conception!

I went through being depressed about not being able to conceive yet, and I am honestly just getting out of the 'anger' stage. I don't know what's next- desperation??

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15th September, 3:15 pm

My temps seem to be just going down... not sure if I should be concerned about this. Hopefully I will get the results from my blood work soon!

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18th September, 10:24 pm

Okay so if we don't get pregnant this month, I am totally doing mucinex next month, or robitussin, and EPO until ovulation.

I am nervous but ready for the appointment coming up Friday, hopefully we can form a "game plan" with the OB/GYN and he might have some more tips/advice for us.

This is taking longer than I had hoped it would. I hope that my chart indicates that I O soon. I just want to use the words DPO. I really really want that two week wait.

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19th September, 11:10 pm

Been having tummy-tingles today. Please please don't just be in my head!

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20th September, 9:43 pm

Bloodwork came out normal, ultrasound came out normal. I have been having ovulation pains yesterday and a little bit today, so I think I ovulated last night. My temp this morning does not show a shift, though :(

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21st September, 4:20 am

okay-- on friday the 13th(CD 12), when I had the ultrasound--- my right ovary measured 3x2x2.8 cm, volume was 8.6 ml and the left ovary measured 2.6x1.6x1.7 cm, volume was 3.6 ml. Right ovary was DOUBLE the size of the left on 09/13/2013!

Maybe I am temping incorrectly and I actually did ovulate on the 15th(like FF says I did). I must admit that I do not take my temps at the same time every day and I am a little bit suspicious of my thermometer.

That would put me at 5dpo, and I have been having some dull achy cramps very low abdomen on cd 18. Hmmmmm... wishful thinking.

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21st September, 9:13 pm

Well this could go one of two ways-- either I ovulated between the 13-15th of September or I am going to ovulate late. Or not at all. The latter would suck.

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22nd September, 4:04 pm

So nauseous this morning, and more of the right-side cramps. Also, my nipples are very tender, but that's normal for me the week before my period. I hope I don't get it!

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30th September, 8:46 pm

I am now 8 dpo... no period although AF was supposed to be due today. Today is CD 29... I am afraid to POAS. Lord, help me.

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1st October, 7:57 pm

AF, that ol'B**ch, has arrived! :(

Still a bit crampy, but at least now I know why. On to cycle #6, letting go of my fream for a baby due on my birthday. GRR!

I am a bit concerned that I only had an 8 day luteal phase. Maybe I will be picking up some B6 at the pharmacy later. Probably.

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8th October, 9:43 pm

Well AF is over, and to be honest I am just sick of trying. But I cant stop temping-- I believe I am now addicted. I don't know, maybe we should take a break this cycle. Who knows?

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15th October, 3:45 am

Okay, so I stopped temping. And stopped thinking about it. I guess we stopped trying. Today is CD 14, and I am spotting. Hmm.

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15th October, 3:46 am

Okay, so I stopped temping. And stopped thinking about it. I guess we stopped trying. Today is CD 14, and I am spotting. Hmm.

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30th October, 4:33 pm

Spotting again today, AF was due yesterday so I am pretty sure this is it. I am pretty relieved that AF came this month-- with all of the stress lately I am not sure how I could handle such big news as a pregnancy. Will begin temping again this month because of the spotting this past cycle-- I think this past one may have been annovulatory so I would just like to confirm that I am ovulating.

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10th November, 7:17 pm

Dang!!! I missed 3 days of temping because of my alarm not going off, having to get up earlier than normal, and stress! Dang it!! My temps are still low, so I don't think I missed ovulation, thank goodness!

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