Journals / Title: Our Journey

Author: Alex

About me: My name is Alex (27), my DH is Andy (32)

Months trying to conceive: We have been trying for 2 months for #3

My story: We have two children already. Ilah is almost 5 and Seven is almost 20 months.

My emotions: Frustrated, motivated and hopefull

4th September, 3:33 am

Today, AF showed up. and I gatta say, Im alright with that. I thought I was chalk full of pregnancy symptoms but just turned out that I was sick. Im hoping that It goes quick. I was confused at first, cuz my BBS were hurting and that NEVER happens unless I am preggo. Idk. Wonder what this cycle will hold for me. Check in tomorrow.

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5th September, 1:37 am

CD 2
Well, today I found out that two of the girls at my work are pregnant. Like freshly pregnant. I think im a little upset about this. Mainly cuz I am sick and AF is being mean this month. The thing that keeps going thru my head is "If life is what you make it, why can't I make life?" It sticks. I have not said this to anyone. Everyone at work doesn't get it. (I work at a restaurant where I work with a bunch of girls, all ages). They tell me to calm down and relax and it will happen, that I have only been trying 2 month, when previously, it took me 9 cycles to get my son. Im not sure I can go thru that again, but alas, I will because the outcome is worth it.
I really like this journal option, to express my feelings somewhere people understand and don't make me feel like a obsessed TTC'er. Ya know? Talk to me ladies. How are we today?

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7th September, 4:12 am

Ok today. I feel deflated. I am on CD4. AF is almost gone. I am sicker than snot and now my kids are getting sick. On another note. ANOTHER girl is pregnant at work. Yipee. I try and not talk about TTC'ing with them. I usually get the crazy look when I tell them what "cycle day" i am on. whatever. Its worth it in the long run, I think. I know that with my last two pregnancies, I had to use OPK's. With my last pregnancy, I had to use softcups to get that one. Why, oh why, do I have to use gimmicks to get a child. But, I digress, its worth it. I am starting to look forward to writing in here, where I am normal. Ladies, if you're reading this, thanks, and you're not alone....<3

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8th September, 3:27 am

Ok, so today. is CD5. I am still slightly spotting. but Im happy she's gone. Not much to say today. Dealing with a sick family is tiring. So, I wont write so much today. How are you all today?

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11th September, 2:21 am

I don't have much to say today. I am waiting to O

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16th September, 3:13 am

I think I O'd early on cd 11 and 12. Honestly. but im not sure.

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18th September, 3:39 am

I made a Facebook TTC group. Feel free to join :) I need support

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21st September, 5:00 am

Ok, I am trying to keep my mind off of this cycle. Doing things to keep my mind free..I quilt. so i am bustin them out. I think I O'd early this cycle and might have missed it, due to work. I dunno. We shall see.

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22nd September, 3:27 am

Im cramping pretty hard tonight. I was supposed to O like 4 days ago, but I think I o'd 7-8 days ago. Im not sure whats going on, but I have been keeping my mind else-wear to keep myself sane. I hard have been talking about TTC cuz im sure no know but me cares. I am just trying to forget I am TTC. If this cycle doesn't work, I am going to get an OPK. I dunno. How are you ladies doing?

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26th September, 3:17 am

So, I think AF is here, and its a week early. Poo

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10th October, 3:34 am

Its been a while, but here I am. I am like 3 days away from O. I think. But we have but TTC on the back burner. DH told me that it was starting to feel like a chore and thats not right, or fun. So, we are just having fun, and NPP> How are you ladies?

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13th October, 2:29 am

Ok, so I think im O'ing but DH is working Late and he's sick. Im thinking this cycle is out. But im not TTC....RIGHT? AHHHH

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14th October, 3:08 am

Ok so I got heavy EWCM and DH is feeling better, I think I might have a chance this cycle. But im not trying....remember? Id like to think not trying will make it soooo many tell me. I dunno. keep on keepin on.
Also, Id like to say Hello and a Thank you to those ladies who do read my journal. If you'd like to find me on FB im.

Hit me up :)

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