Journals / Title: One eggs search for the prefect sperm!

Author: Rosey
5th February , 11:32 am

Thanks Kitten, Yeh I'm pleased I reached target! Bit disappointed that we ran out of steam just before the actual ovulation! Its really hard when DH does nights to get the energy together! Just back to waiting! Just looking at my charts though I wonder if I'm a bit low on Progestron, I have a very up and down LP. I'm wondering if I should look into that a bit? Don't know if its worth the effort, I may not have another egg for 6 months! lol :-)

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12th February , 11:20 am

I've had that pre AF temp dip so pretty sure that we missed it this month again. Dreading the wait after AF to see if I Ov. Feel flat today, prob AF working on me. :-(

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16th February , 2:09 pm

Here we go again. :-)

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23rd February , 5:26 pm

Sleep was so poor over this weekend! Well friday night was my fault I got carried away knitting next thing I knew it was 2am!! Anyway looking forward to going to sleep tonight!! :-)

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27th February , 5:44 pm

Another week passed and February gone. Looks like I might have ovulated on Tues so BD wasn't badly timed, in fact was the best we could do considering DH went down the a stomach bug on Tues! 2WW here we go. :-)

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5th March, 1:44 pm

In tww, feeling negative though. DH is up beat as I have been a bit more regular since the start of January, that gives him hope. I know it can happen, but I just don't think it is going to. Don't know why. Could just be were I am in the tww as I'm feeling a little emotional and easily irritated. Purhaps I'll be optimistic next week, depending on the hormones!!

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10th March, 5:15 pm

Here we go again! :-)

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18th March, 12:30 pm

If temp stays up looks like I ovulated Mon, had a bad back and couldn't manage a dance on Mon but think we covered as best we could day before and day after. Can't do more than that. Busy, busy at home and work. Trying to sell our house and move on, just have to see how that goes, won't do much for the stress I expect!! :-)

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20th March, 12:47 pm

TTW started, timing seemed good, just waiting to see. Happy enough, we have viewers for selling out house so getting a bit anxious hoping they like it enough to offer! :-)

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25th March, 12:16 pm

I'm afraid to hope that the second rise in temp means something! Still just waiting. :-)

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25th March, 5:11 pm

Yes! Quietly hopeful, just not letting myself get too carried away, could be milder weather at night changing my BBT, could drop tomorrow! I'm really praying for a positive outcome! :-)

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30th March, 11:50 am

BFN, don't think this is it :-( bit disappointed, thought my chart was promising. AF due Wed. Family coming for Easter so going to distract by throwing myself into the planning and then the visit. DH was very supportive this morning :-)

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4th April, 9:48 am

Well turns out it wasn't to be. Really think my body was trying to do something, 3 days late, constant high temp, the highest I've had and matching the time I got a positive. But ultimately not to be. AF arrived yesterday, I'm very disappointed. Family all arrived for Easter so at least I'll be distracted for a couple of days. Head down and push through the sadness, dh really helping.

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9th April, 3:17 pm

Well we're off again, nothing else for it only to keep trying. If your not in you can't win!! :-)

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18th April, 7:44 am

Feeling a bit on edge, this is going to be a funny cycle which is disappointing after a number of regular ones. Can't help but wonder if my feelings are affected by the hinky hormones as well, I was a bit short yesterday and the day before but in myself I'm not that bad. I kind of expected this after last months longer higher temp cycle. Just struggling on as there is nothing else for it. House viewers today, seems promising, would be nice to get moving. Overall just feel disappointed :-(

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21st April, 1:00 pm

Temp rising, not sure if thats good, no indication of ovulation. I'm back to being the only chart posted! I'm I the only one on here? I can hear (figurative) dust devils blowing across my screen, like the bandoned gold mine towns in the West!! :-)

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27th April, 12:06 pm

There is hope! OF is guessing that I may have ov which is good news, will be a longer cycle for me though. Keepin on truckin! :-)

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5th May, 11:07 am

And we're off again. Quite releaved, had expected a long cycle but this was manageable. :-)

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27th May, 10:08 pm

I'm in colour!! And off we go again. :-)

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9th June, 10:41 am

Well its all go for me right now. We are not concentrating on the timing this month, not having a month off or anything just go other stuff on our minds. We have agreed our place for sale and had an offer accepted on a house we would like to move to! We are so excited, back to waiting while the solicitors do their thing. We hope it will be straight forward but you never can tell. It's nice to have something to look forward to and feel that things are moving in the direction we want for our future. We're just trying to enjoy each other this month without the pressure, although I am keeping an eye on my temp! You can never really stop watching can you!! :-)

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