Journals / Title: One eggs search for the prefect sperm!

Author: Rosey
8th November, 3:57 pm

I have decided on a number of distraction techniques for this weekend, first I'm going to spend some money!!! Well all in the name of Christmas, heading to a craft fair to see if there is anything nice as Christmas presents. I am also going to do a little cooking be organised for the week ahead. DH and I may head to the cinema depending how his last night shift goes. And I am going to try a knitting project that I picked up this week, so really that may not just be this weekend. Lots there to distract! I really love Christmas so I'm just going to let myself go with the prep and enjoy!! :-)

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11th November, 12:41 pm

Weekend was good, pleasently busy. I have started my Ov tests yesterday as it was early last month I have quite a large fertile window on this chart. Still have my distraction projects to hand so trying not to obsess about the whole think this month, although thats relative since I am still on here daily charting!! :-)

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13th November, 1:38 pm

Well today is the day I ov last month, its funny how that has thrown me all off my way of going. My OPKs have been neg and the line has been light so I don't think there will be a repeat this month. Trying not to focus on it even though I'm charting.

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18th November, 12:06 pm

OK, here we go again, Ov at the weekend and now we're waiting. Started watching Christmas movies at the weekend so spirits are good! :-)

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27th November, 11:27 am

Still waiting..... Aren't our bodies wonderful, what they can do, and the most frustrating thing is we have no control at all!!! Not long now, still trying to keep my mind off it although its becomming more difficult. :-)

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2nd December, 12:28 pm

Feeling disappointed, AF started last night. New cycle for me today. Feeling defeated and sad, but life doesnt stop so off we go again. Visiting family this week, the little one is in the nativity, so just going to push all this to the back of my mind unit after that.

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9th December, 11:12 am

Back from visiting family, had a great time. Back right at the crucial time, expect ov in the next couple of days. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so we should be onto a good thing this month, I was away for 4 nights leaving DH at home and we really missed each other!! Taking the Even Prim oil for EWCM and some raspberry tea to replace normal stuff for a change, I think it might have made a difference last month so see how we go again. And Christmas is coming! I'm really looking forward to it! :-)

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11th December, 10:49 am

Thanks Kitten. Bad timing with DH shifts, but we can only wait and see! :-)

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19th December, 2:06 pm

Our timing was a bit weird this month as I appear to have ov on day 14 which is late for me. If it has been normal DH would have been at the start of his night shift but since it appears I ov on day 14 it actually fell in ok with his day off! Had resigned myself to a 'not trying month' so just waiting to see.

Feeling great sorrow at Kittens news went home last night and cryed for my cyber friend.

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30th December, 11:23 am

Christmas has been a mix of enjoyment and a little bit of a low. My brother-in-law and his wife announced they are pregnant, they got married in June. They will make great parents and I'm really happy for them. The talk in the family in their excitment cut me like a knife. Not that anyone did anything on purpose, no one knows whats going on with me, its not really a proccess that you share with say, your brother-in-law etc! Then the next day AF arrived! In between my lows I am excited about being an auntie again! :-) Just have to take each cycle as it comes.

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17th January, 11:10 am

My temps have started to do their impression of the Swiss Alps so AF is just around the corner. So DH and I are going to have a nice relaxing weekend to set us up for another cycle. Been reading up on a couple of options for herbal health boosters and also the affects of Vit D deficiency for DH who is on premanent night shift so rarely sees the sun, even in the summer! We're going to make a couple of small changes with these suppliments and see how the new year goes. :-)

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20th January, 1:44 pm

I really think the head cold and sore throat I had at the start of my Dec cycle affected by temps badly, indicators would be that I ov around cd 7/8. I have done that on a previous cycle so I'm really going to have to watch for that.

So right on que, my temp dropped on Sat morning and shortly after AF started. DH and I went away for the weekend, had an overnight stay in a hotel. It was a really nice treat and the place was really lovely. We talked about a strategy for this year, we hadn't done that before. I got some statistics for him regarding my age, it was the first he really realised how time was running out, no matter the success storeys there is no doubt it is more difficult as time goes by! Anyway we are going health, not many changes there as we eat quite well normally but we do have a sweet tooth so going to reduce the amount of treats.

For DH the big research was Vit D, he is in high risk catagory for deficiency and the health implications are broad including fertility so started onto the UK recommended daily amount as a suppliment. At some stage he will go and get tested. He takes Father to Be Multi Vit anyway so is taking pretty much everything else that is recommended. Going to encourage him to try my herbal teas as they are good for general health and immune system for him too. He is going to be taking flaxseed for an eye condition he has as well.

There was a lot of stuff out there for helping me but ultimately I have come down on sticking to the Even Prim Oil (may try flaxseed as well as some point), Raspberry Leaf tea (both for EWCM) and added Nettle tea for immune system boost, Red clover blossom is recommended in conjunction with Rasp so may try getting some of that (I'll take it as a tea drink, prob 1 or 2 cups a day). Lastly I read that the non-cyclic breast pain I am having has been helped in others by cutting out caffine. I am reducing this month and will try cutting out completely next. Depending how I get on with the caffine and how I get on with the EWCM in a couple of cycles I may try going back to the Agnus Castus to help with the hormone balance - thats a wait and see decision, I'm afraid to mess my cycle up as I am on a natural 16 day LP which is quite good.

So going to make a bigger effort to check OPK from cd 5 to pinpoint timing better around cd 7 may do two a day am and pm. We're going to practice the BD from around cd 5 (every other day as recommend) as well as we may be leaving it a little late if I am ov early.

All in all in print it looks like a lot but in practise it will be small changes for us. Here goes, whats the worst that can happen!! :-)

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28th January, 1:39 pm

So I got my Ov+ yesterday, but my temp is still down today so don't think I have actually ov yet. The bd has been well timed this cycle so thats good. Seemed to have good EWCM as well so thats promising. Just have to wait and see when the temp goes up now.

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5th February , 12:24 pm

I hate waiting, its messing with my head this time round!! :-(

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6th February , 12:56 pm

I am only 9dpo and its killing me! I think I got really optimistic that our timing was good this cycle but then suddenly became very negative thinking it won't happen. AF due Val Day! GREAT! Oh I'm feeling like a real moan! Do feel a little better today though, I wonder could it have been hormones? That what I normally blame when I go off the rails at DH!! Even if its not!! :-) :-)

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11th February , 11:07 am

My temp has started to drop, I'm not feeling hopeful. :-(

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14th February , 11:32 am

OK new cycle, here we go again. Valentines Day and we're really going to enjoy a simple meal at home, DH has to work tonight, and a relaxing weekend. We are doing out best, maximising our chances and praying its for us, what more can you do? Let the fun begin!! :-)

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19th February , 11:57 am

We have entered the OPK phase, from tomorrow I'll test morning and evening to try and catch that surge. Feeling a bit subdued this month I think, I found the last cycle quite difficult, going through some difficulties at work which I didn't handle as well as I would normally so with that as the guide, I think the trying is taking a toll on me. It's hard to stay positive, but I guess there is no reason why it can't happen for us (not that we know of anyway) we're healthy, I'm still cycling regularly, so just have to wait and see. Keeping up the Wii Yoga, good for a laugh even if I'm not doing the yoga right!! :-) Keep fit tonight so that will lift my mood a bit, get those happy hormones bouncing! :-)

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28th February , 10:28 am

I'm low. Haven't ov yet despite two positive opks and a low temp. I feel a bit broken. Of course I will have put myself through a lot of mental anguish for nothing if my temp rises tomorrow but it really feels like thats not going to happen, it feels too difficult today.

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5th March, 1:50 pm

I'm in the TWW. I hate this time. Feeling a bit brighter than last week though. Kitten is right have to focus on the things we can control and be positive. We did enjoy the dancing though!! :-)

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