Journals / Title: My Mommy Journey

Author: Katelin

About me: Married to my wonderful husband since February 2011.

Months trying to conceive: 2

My story: Right before Christmas I found out that I have PCOS. Makes sense, because I have had problems since I first started my period. There was also a time right after I got married that we tried getting pregnant but after a year with no success we decided that maybe it wasn't our time and we gave up. Now we have decided to try again, we know it's going to be tough but we also have answers as to why it didn't happen before and we have faith. I got off of birth control last month but I have not had a period since July 2013. Supposedly the pill I was on makes it pretty common to not have one, but I also know that with PCOS it is common not to have a period every month. I guess we will see how long it takes for my body to regulate again, I am excited to finish the journey for my first child.

My emotions: I am a little nervous, I hope that I can keep my emotions under control each time there is no success. I am excited at the same time, I just have to remember to stay positive and not get my hopes up.

8th January, 4:31 am

AF came yesterday for the first time since getting off of birth control. I am so excited to start charting, but realized how little I missed my period the last 6 months!

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14th January, 4:05 am

So I noticed a HUGE change in my cervix today! I've never checked it before until the last couple of days and wasn't really sure what changes to expect and if I would even be able to tell but I am shocked and thrilled at the same time. Yesterday it was still pretty firm and closed, but today it was really high up there and soft. I still think its closed since I don't know how to tell if its open or not, guess I have some research to do but I'm guessing it will be like today and just surprise me once I feel it open. I got the yellow light on the ovulation detector so I guess its time to turn up the romance ;)

If anyone has any advice on the whole cervix checking thing and what changes to expect, please share!

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18th January, 2:31 am

It has been a very long week. Work was stressful, I was finishing a semester at school and had exams, and there was a death in the family. I'm hoping my stress and emotional state don't affect my cycle this month :/ I had a big temp drop a few days ago and I'm unsure if it was ovulation or not. I guess we will see.

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24th January, 4:01 am

I used the last of my test strips that tell me if my fertility is low high or peak today. I still haven't hit my peak yet, they just keep saying high. I decided to go buy ovulation tests that just give a positive or negative result and it was negative today. :/ As the days keep passing I'm growing more frustrated that I haven't ovulated yet. My cervix can't make up its mind either on what position and texture it wants to be. I've been really irritable the past few days and don't know why but my ovulation frustrations are not helping :(

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29th January, 8:44 pm

Yesterday I woke up with a bad stomach bug and ended up going to the ER. While I was there they did a blood pregnancy test that came back negative so I'm guessing I'm out this month. But it was just my first month TTC so I didn't really expect it to happen right away. Now I have to focus on getting better, I got to go home yesterday even though they wanted to keep me in the hospital. Waiting on more labs to come back to see if I'm getting better or if I will end up being admitted to the hospital :/

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3rd February , 4:56 am

Good ole AF decided to come early and ruin my anniversary. I'm still mad that she came at all, but I was expecting her. I'm glad I'm getting to start fresh again now after being sick. This cycle I am adding Vitamin D and Evening Primrose Oil to see if it might help.

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15th February , 4:53 am

My chart this time is so confusing! One day my temp is up some then really low and back up the next day. I know ovulation is coming in the next few days and if my temps continue like this im not going to know when its happening. Just gotta stay positive!

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