Journals / Title: I want to be a mom and I will be!

Author: Carrie

About me: Carrie, 27, happily married.

Months trying to conceive: Half a year

My story: We got married a year ago. My husband isn't the biggest fan of kids, so it took me few months to convince him that without a child we won't be a real family. He agreed, though I'm not sure if he feels the same, though he's trying because he knows it's important for me. However I can still see that every BFN is not a tragedy for him. But I know he's doing his best, I shouldn't be complaining. I came off the pill a month after our wedding, it took my body a while to get back to normal, but now I'm ready for BFP.

My emotions: Feelings – Determined! Down in the dumps sometimes, but I know that whining won't make me pregnant.

29th August, 3:39 pm

My 12 dpo, but temps are dropping. The chart looked good, but somewhere deep isnide I've known it's not my month. Well, there are still some chances, no reason to cry yet!

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30th August, 10:22 am

Af is coming, but I'm not dissapointed, I felt it was coming. The only thing I can do know is to focus on the next cycle. Maybe I need to try sth new? I was thinking about an ultrasound scan, though it also seems bit desperate. It's not my day today, probably because af is approaching. I'm in the not-get-up mood. Well, impossible if you work. My co-workers will have a rough day with me today. At least some of them have kids!

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3rd September, 10:44 am

So witch is here :/ Haven't made up my mind about us still. Maybe I'll stick to temping. It's works for most of people, so it should for me as well! Maybe I'm too stressed and instead of coming up with new pills and treatments I should try yoga instead? That's not a bad idea! Few of my friends are totally crazy about it, so maybe it's worth. Plus it'll give me some eneregy, as I've been kind of down lately.

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5th September, 10:46 am

Af is almost gone, try to get myself together and prepare. First yoga classes on Monday, I'll see if it's for me. I saw two BFPs on forum, lucky them! Can't wait for mine.

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11th September, 1:55 pm

Yoga is absolutely amazing! I still feel my muscles after Monday training, but I just feel sooo good! It was a beginner class, but wasn't really easy, I didn't realize you need to be so fit, always thought it's just a simple, relaxing exercise.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to my next class! Don't really know how exactly yoga helps in getting pregnant, but I'll find out and share.

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3rd October, 2:49 pm

I thought it'd be the month! But bfn! I'm angry and frustrated, tired, and confused. What is wrong with me! Why others can coceive so easily, and I can't! Why?!

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24th October, 2:56 pm

Two weeks have passed and I haven't foun the answer. I don't know if I ever will. I'm 9 dpo today,I've been a little bit careless about temping this month. I think I'm exhausted with this whole ttc. So don't have much hope for bfp thie month. However, nice surprise is always welcome :)

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