Journals / Title: Feels like forever

Author: dmack911

About me: I am 31yrs old, I was on BCP for 13 years. I recently discontinued them in May. My husband is 30yrs old. I always wanted to be a mom. I would have started a long time ago, but my husband wanted to wait until we are 30.

Months trying to conceive: 2 months. Feels longer.

My emotions: I feel very obsessed with this TTC business. I constantly am on this site trying to analyze everything. Just this passed month I started to use the OPK. This helps I think. Although, being I was on BCP for so long who knows how long it will be until I even out. This past month I thought I had it down. Sex was Thursday, OPK said positive on Friday and Sat. Sex on Sat. (We skipped Friday, for what I have no idea!!) Then Sunday I got a yeast infection. Kinda weird because in May I had a throat infection right after I ovulated I think. I take my temp like every day sometimes during the day. I took 2 pregnancy test this AM... I think I am going crazy. Friends tell me to not think about it. I am not very patient, I want it to happen like yesterday!! I think during this process, my body is in pregnant mode. Sometimes, I think I am, but really not. I need some help, or suggestions or something. I don't know if I should even chart this stuff, and just try to guess when I ovulate and see what happens. I don't know.

3rd July, 3:27 pm

After the writing here, yesterday morning and this AM, I did not take my temp. I guess, I felt better and was able to let go. Also, any minute now I should get my period. Maybe that has something to do with it. I have had really bad cramps the past couple nights. It woke me up from my sleep. It comes and goes. I wish these were pregnant cramps and not period cramps. I know I know, I need to be patient!

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4th July, 12:03 am

Well, my feels like forever finally came to an end. From my previous post, I was having a lot of bad cramping. But I did not see any sign of my period. I decided to do a pregnancy test at work and the second line (test line) was very faint. I couldn't tell even. I took another test of a different brand (oh!, did I tell you I work in a doctors office?) same thing, a faint line. I took about 5 more tests, all the same result. I think it is pretty obvious that I am now pregnant!! BFP... how did this happen?? 2 days ago I wasn't getting any sign of the test line!! Now I am!? Called my doctor, going on Wed. to confirm with a blood test. I am more than hystatic!!!

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