There are some characteristic signs which will often be indicated in pregnancy charts. Your chart may look promising if:

  • You had sex during your fertile days (when the Fertility Detector informed you about your fertile days), in the time period around ovulation. OvuFriend has evaluated your intercourse timing as being very good.
  • Your temperature stays at a high level for longer than the length of your usual luteal phase. If your luteal phase varies from cycle to cycle, then you will need to measure against the longest observed luteal phase (What is a luteal phase?)
  • It shows a second thermal shift at around seven to ten days after ovulation, maintaining at a high level. As a result, the chart shows three levels of temperature: one low before ovulation, one higher after ovulation, and a third, even higher one, seven to ten days after ovulation.

Please note: the above are only promising signs, which may, but do not always, indicate pregnancy. Remember that only a positive pregnancy test is a reliable confirmation of pregnancy.