Miscarriage is usually a very difficult experience, affecting women to different degrees. That's why deciding when to restart your efforts to conceive is a very individual matter. Some women, fearing further failure, choose to wait a while, while others want to become pregnant again as soon as possible. It's a good idea to talk to your doctor about when to restart efforts after a loss. Your doctor may advise you to wait for one to as many as six cycles, or until they have returned to normal. The waiting time depends on many factors, including the stage of pregnancy before loss. Even if you're still not ready or your doctor advises to wait, you may decide to monitor your cycle in order to check if it has stabilized.

To start a new cycle, mark the bleeding or a negative pregnancy test on the day of the first day of miscarriage (the first heavy bleeding). If an idiopathic bleeding did not occur and you needed treatment, then consider the first day after the treatment as the first day of your cycle. After you select bleeding or a negative pregnancy test, OvuFriend will ask if you would like to mark a miscarriage and start a new cycle. After confirmation, a new cycle will appear. You may wish to exclude the cycle in which the miscarriage took place from the Analysis and Statistics (How to exclude an unrepresentative cycle from the Analysis and Statistics?), because an unusually long luteal phase (What is a luteal phase?) may distort your statistics.