You might observe symptoms possibly indicating fertility problems while keeping the OvuFriend ovulation calendar. Consult your doctor if you note any of the following:

  • Lack of ovulation - if OvuFriend does not detect ovulation in your chart for a few cycles in a row. Remember, though, that having one or two anovulatory cycles per year is not unusual and occurs in most healthy women.
  • Recurring delayed ovulation (after the 18th day of the cycle), or premature ovulation (before the 12th day of the cycle).
  • Lack of menstruation.
  • Higher temperatures after ovulation, lasting longer than 18 days (when there is a lack of menstruation and a negative pregnancy test).
  • Unexplained, recurring mid-cycle spotting (during the course of the cycle).
  • Prolonged, heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Lack of pregnancy after several cycles, even though ovulation has occurred (marked on the chart with a continuous line) and despite a well-planned intercourse during fertile days (the evaluation of intercourse time in the Fertility Detector is very good).