Take time to choose the right clinic / doctor.

1. Ask your friends and family for recommendations, browse some relevant message boards, ask other women about their experiences, and check rankings and ratings of doctors. Don't base your decision on one person's positive or negative opinion, but do collect information. If you already see a gynecologist, ask him or her to recommend somebody who treats infertility.

2. During your fertility visit, make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor and that you can trust him or her. You might be seeing him or her for the next couple of months. Infertility treatment is a particularly sensitive matter and can be emotionally difficult, so make sure you feel the doctor is right for you.

3. Is the doctor listening to you and has he or she taken enough time to understand your history and to go through your information? Remember to bring your cycle history with you (at OvuFriend, you can print it out in the Cycles Reviewer), and any other information you consider important. The doctor will decide which elements are relevant to a diagnosis.

4. Do you feel the doctor asked enough questions?

5. Does the doctor answer your questions eagerly and clearly?

6.  Does the doctor pay attention to your needs, versus trying to impose a treatment method you don't agree with?

7. Is the doctor readily available? Ask if you can call or e-mail if you have any questions. Find out how long the wait is between visists if you're a patient.

8. If you feel that the doctor is underestimating your problem and is not paying enough attention to you, switch doctors. Don't waste your time with a doctor who doesn't take your problems seriously.

9. Ask about and analyze the costs. Diagnosis and treatment  of infertility can be very expensive. Don't be shy in discussing costs, insurance issue and financial limitations with your doctor's office. 

10. Leave your visit with an action plan. Know what tests you need and schedule your next visit, if one is needed.

Most importantly, choose a doctor you trust and with whom you feel comfortable, because fertility problems are a stressful and delicate matter.