Your OvuFriend charts are automatically included in the statistics and analysis of your cycles (apart from those in which you marked your ovulation manually). OvuFriend analyzes your past cycles on an ongoing basis and makes correlations to determine the day in your current cycle with the highest probability of ovulation. This means that all of your finished cycles (apart from those in which you marked your ovulation manually) are taken into consideration during the analysis of your fertility. Most women, however, experience an unusual cycle (unrepresentative), which differs from their standard cycle. These include, for example, unovulatory cycles (most women experience one or two unovulatory cycles annually), or miscarriages. Such unrepresentative cycles may disrupt the correct interpretation of your current cycle, which is why OvuFriend gives you the ability to exclude it from the Analysis and Statistics. (How to exclude an unrepresentative cycle from the Analysis and Statistics?)