The main signs of ovulation include:

Some women also experience additional ovulation symptoms when ovulation is impending. These are considered to be additional signs of ovulation, because not every woman experiences them. They include:

  • Pre-menstrual spotting
  • Pain or stinging in the ovaries (may take place before, after, or during ovulation)
  • Increased libido (many women experience a significantly higher urge for sex during the ovulation period)

  • Abdonimal bloating (a feeling of fullness, like you've overeaten)
  • Sensitive breasts.

Many women also observe other idiosyncratic symptoms of impending ovulation reoccurring from cycle to cycle. Others may not experience any of these symptoms at all. Either is perfectly normal! However, if you do notice additional signs of ovulation, record them in the OvuFriend chart, in the tab "symptoms", or, if you prefer, in "notes." Together with your main fertility indicators, they can help you determine when to have intercourse, thus maximizing your chances of becoming pregnant.