Even though it's possible to do so, OvuFriend does not recommend turning off the Advanced Detection of Ovulation option and determining the date of ovulation on your own.  Most women's cycles are difficult to interpret and differ from examples found in books. OvuFriend utilizes computing power and has the tools necessary to undertake complex analysis of unusual cases and situations. Apart from the advanced algorithm that interprets your individual indicators of fertility, OvuFriend also compares your data to statistics and data from thousands of women.

We do realize, however,  that there are exceptional cases in which you may be the best judge of your cycle. To record ovulation manually, click on the day in which you wish to mark ovulation on the chart, enter "The observations" tab and change the settings by clicking on "The advanced detection of ovulation is on - change it" located on the bottom of the site.

Remember that charts with a manually selected ovulation date are not automatically included in the Analysis and Statistics of your cycles. If you want a given chart to be included in the interpretation of your cycles, you need to go to Settings/Cycles and include it manually.