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How to get pregnant fast (helping your luck)

It has happened! You have made the big decision to have a baby. You have stopped using contraceptives, and you and your partner both probably believe that by the end of your first TTC cycle you’ll be pregnant. Despite your wonderful plans, nothing in your life changes. You make love as usual, not paying much attention to the time and frequency of cuddles. What should you do if months go by, your optimism and excitement dwindle, and you’re still waiting for those increasingly coveted two lines on the pregnancy test?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably among more than 75% of couples who did not conceive during the first two months of trying. Regardless of your story, we have good news for you: although you cannot have full control over the process of conception, you can try to help your luck and maximize your chances. So what can you do to get pregnant faster?

 Find out when you ovulate.

Ovulation occurs only once during each cycle, when your body releases an egg into the fallopian tube. If, at that time, the egg is fertilized by a spermatozoid and implants itself into the wall of the uterus, you will soon learn you’re pregnant. Therefore, the biggest secret of how to get pregnant fast is to determine your ovulation date and plan intercourse accordingly. Unfortunately, determining your ovulation date is not always easy, and the commonly accepted guideline that ovulation falls on the 14th day of the cycle is false. So when do you ovulate?There are many methods to determine the date of your ovulation, so do learn how to pinpoint your own fertile days.

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 Have sex at the right time!

If you already know when to expect ovulation, try to plan your intercourse in a way that will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Sperm can live for up to three days if there are favorable conditions in your vagina. The strongest sperm may survive for up to five days. After ovulation, an egg is capable of being fertilized for a maximum of one day. So, the most fertile days in your cycle fall about three days before ovulation and on the day of ovulation. During that time, have intercourse on a regular basis, or at least every other day.

OvuFriend will make your task easier, since it’s enough to observe the OvuFriend Fertility Detector and have intercourse when you see the green light indicating your fertile days.

Remember: the key day when you would want to have intercourse is the day of ovulation. In order to make sure that you don’t give up too quickly, continue having intercourse regularly until OvuFriend indicates ovulation on your chart. If you don’t keep an ovulation calendar, have intercourse up until the moment you stop noticing any signs of ovulation, such as fertile cervical mucus.

Refraining from intercourse for about three to four days prior to your expected fertile days, may help increase the quantity and quality of the sperm. Don’t give up intercourse for more than four to five days though, because older sperm, having stayed in the testes longer, may be less mobile and of lower quality, and thus a lot less capable of fertilization.

 Lie down and cuddle for a little longer…

There are no conclusive studies proving that lying down after sex can help you get pregnant fast, but it will certainly not harm you to wait a little while and help the fatigued sperm reach their goal. So don’t bolt to the bathroom right after intercourse. Instead, lie down for a little longer and try to relax. You don’t need to engage in artistic gymnastics, like putting your legs on the wall. Just lie down for a moment to make sure that you don’t get loose all of the "ammunition" when you get out of bed.

Doctors often suggest that women do Kegel exercises 20-30 minutes after intercourse to rid the vagina of all the residual sperm. This prevents the older sperm from sticking to, and blocking the womb’s entrance when the "fresh" sperm alight during the next intercourse.

 Relax and enjoy the closeness!

Trying to get pregnant, especially for a long time, can be a stressful experience. Unfortunately, stress is no friend to conception, because the pituitary gland, which regulates the hormone levels responsible for, among other things, ovulation, does not work properly under severe stress.

If trying to get pregnant is stressful for you, invest some time and effort in learning how to manage it. Sign up for yoga, exercise breathing, or talk to someone who understands you. Treat conception as a process that may take quite a long time, rather than as an event. Sometimes you have to wait a little to be able to enjoy motherhood.

During this whole "waiting" period, don’t give up pleasure and enjoy sex. Try not to force yourself to have sex if you don’t feel like it, even during your fertile days. Fertile days last about four to five days in the cycle. If you miss one day, it will not thwart your chances of getting pregnant.

Calculating your fertile days doesn’t mean you can’t be spontaneous and enjoy the intimacy of sex, as you did before trying to get pregnant.

 Take care of yourself

You’ve probably often heard that once you decide to get pregnant, you should be in the best shape possible. Of course, one could argue that there are many cases of neglected women, such as alcoholics, who are extremely fertile and have multiple pregnancies and births. This may be true, but they are a rather notorious exception to the rule. Apart from the overall negative health effects on the fetus developing under such conditions, studies show that an unhealthy lifestyle interferes with the body’s hormonal balance and negatively affects fertility. Therefore, if you want to know how to get pregnant fast - take care of yourself.

First of all, give up all intoxicants, such as alcohol and cigarettes. Not only do they have a negative effect on your fertility, they are also dangerous to the developing fetus once you manage to get pregnant. Also, try to limit coffee to one, or a maximum of two cups a day. As well as this, limit your consumption of excessive amounts of sugar and processed, ready-made foods (they contain a lot of preservatives and salt), because they may cause hormonal imbalances.

Also, make sure that you’re at a good weight, because being either underweight or overweight has a negative effect on fertility. A woman should have about 20% of body fat to ovulate. A weight that is too low may impede ovulation, while a weight that is too heavy may interfere with the correct course of the cycle by producing an excessive amount of estrogen, which can lead to irregular cycles and delayed ovulation.

You should also start to take folic acid, which not only helps your baby’s development once you get pregnant, but also, according to some research, increases the chances of conception.

 Take care of your significant other

Apart from being in your best shape yourself, it’s also extremely important to make sure that your significant other is healthy. An unhealthy diet and alcohol abuse may greatly affect the quality and quantity of sperm and thus reduce your chances of conception.

While trying to have a baby, your partner should avoid saunas, solariums, hot baths, keeping a laptop on his lap, and keeping his cell phone in his pants’ front pocket. In short, make sure he does not overheat, because this can negatively impact sperm parameters.

Make sure that he incorporates ingredients and foods that benefit male fertility into his meals. There should be no shortage of vitamin C and other antioxidants. Vitamin C prevents defects in the construction of sperm and improves their motility.

Also, make sure that he includes a sufficient amount of zinc in his meals. Zinc deficiency can reduce sperm count and lower the testosterone levels in the blood. Calcium and vitamin D are equally important.  Many studies show that they are beneficial to male fertility.

Remember that lifestyle changes your partner undertakes today won’t have an effect on the quality of sperm until about three months have passed, because that is how long sperm production takes.

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