Journals / Title: Trying for our second one!

Author: Josi81

About me: I’m a busy 31-year-old woman, who is trying to be a perfect mom, wife and employee. Sometimes a bit overwhelmed by all these, but in general I’m a really happy and positive person. My husband and I would love to have a big family, but unfortunately we are not the most fertile couple ever ;)

Months trying to conceive: This is my 11th cycle of trying for the baby #2.

My story: We already have 2,5 years old son and we are trying for baby #2. We were trying for our first son more than three years. We took it easy in the first year, didn't seek any medical assitance. In the second year we tried almost everything, we visited thousands of doctors, I was charting, taking metformin (one Dr diagnosed me with PCOS), Femara, Clomid, L-thyroxin. When all these didn't give any result we decided to have our first IUI, then second... Finally, we got really sick of everything and decided to have a break. We were exhausted, dissapointed and had enough, so we put our tryings on hold. We started to enjoy our life, marriage, sex...and this was when we conceived our son. Now we're trying for the second baby, no success so far. I’m charting but not taking any medications.

My emotions: Ups and downs. One day I’m super positive and I’m sure that sooner or later we'll finally get pregnant again. The next day I’m stressed, frustrated and hopeless. But I’m doing my best to stay optimistic! I have plenty reasons to be happy, I'm aware of that. It's just that I've always dreamt about having a big family.

28th August, 2:23 pm

Ok, today is not my day...I'm 14 dpo and I'm sure that @ will come tomorrow. I'm having all range of PMS symptoms :-( My belly hurts and my temp went down today.

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28th August, 2:24 pm

My son will have to wait a bit longer for a little brother...

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28th August, 2:30 pm
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This will be very optimistic one: If your temperature goes down and you are just before your period, probably you will not get your BFP this cycle :-(

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29th August, 5:47 pm

Still no period. My temperature went up this morning. I run off the pregnancy tests yesterday, so I couldn't take one this morning. The weird thing is that my mucus is still creamy (usually just before @ my mucus becomes watery and have spotting). Today there is no spotting, no PMS symptoms anymore....but I don't want think too much. Today is my sister's b-day, so it will keep me busy all afternoon, good!

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30th August, 5:57 pm

My temp stays high...this is my 16 dpo!! I can't believe that, is it possible that I may be....? My breasts hurt and can't focus on anything else today. I'm going to buy a test on my way back from the office.

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2nd September, 6:10 pm

I was travelling over the weekend so couldn't post an update....
I GOT my BFP!!! So starting from the beginning I tested on Friday, but I was not sure about a test result. The second line was hardly visible - my husband told me that I'm making it up. So I retested on Saturday morning (using first morning urine) and the second line was there!!! not that visible, but I was sure the line was there. I'm sooooo happy that even can't believe all of this is true. I had a wonderful weekend, because we were traveling to my sister's house on the seaside and I could relax and digest my great news in friendly environment. The only thing which worries me is my temp, it's going down. Should I be worried?

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12th September, 4:49 pm

I don't know what's going on with my chart, it wasn't like that when I was pregnant for the first time. I hope everything is fine. I don't know whether to consult doctor or not yet. Maybe I'll wait few more days.
I forgot how amazing being pregnant is. I'd love to tell the whole world, but I know it's too early. DH is over the moon as well. It was worth waiting!

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