Are you planning on getting pregnant? Regardless of how long you've been trying, OvuFriend will help you achieve your goal with greater awareness and joy. We want you to cherish these moments! Leave the counting of fertile days and determining a reliable date of ovulation to OvuFriend. Create a free account, and you will find out when your ovulation occurs and how you can increase your chances of getting pregnant.

If you have already created an account at OvuFriend and you are trying to get pregnant, you probably already know the advantages of our website. There are many women, who just like you, want to find out about their fertile days. to your account and recommend OvuFriend to any of your friends who are also trying to have a baby.

Here based on your everyday observations (e.g. mucus or positioning of the cervix), we calculate your fertile days and create your temperature chart. You can also record any symptoms you experience during your cycle (e.g. during fertile days or ovulation), or which medications you take (e.g. lutein, Clomid, folic acid)

Here, OvuFriend interprets the factors that may affect your chances of getting pregnant. In the second phase of the menstrual cycle, you will also learn details about your ovulation process.

Would you like to learn when you last ovulated, or the average length of your luteal phase? We store all your previous basal body temperature (BBT) charts and statistics here so you can refer back to them whenever you need.

Many women trying to get pregnant love to predict the future and make a hobby of trying to calculate their upcoming fertile days. How many times have you wondered whether your next ovulation will occur during a business trip or while visiting the in-laws? The cycle forecast predicts when you'll ovulate, be most fertile, and get your period during upcoming months, based on the history of your previous cycles. The OvuFriend Cycle Forecaster is much more than just a simple calendar of fertile days.

Once you're successful getting pregnant, you can calculate when your baby is due. You can also figure out when conception should take place if you want your baby born during a specific timeframe.

When you become pregnant, you'll be invited to use the pregnancy calendar. It's a magical feature that allows you to track the changes in your body and the development of your fetus week after week.

How do your fertile days, ovulation, or length of luteal phase compare with those of other women trying to conceive? The Charts Gallery offers countless possibilities for searching this information.

Have you taken an ovulation or pregnancy test and been unsure about the results? Compare your test results to those of other women in similar circumstances, getting as specific as brand of test or number of days past ovulation.

This section contains articles from reputable periodicals around the globe, as well as articles written by our experts. The topics will interest all women trying to conceive and wishing to broaden their knowledge through reliable sources.

Read about the experiences and emotions of other OvuFriend users. You can also write about your personal journey to conception, and either keep it private or share it with the OvuFriend community.

Here you can view and comment on the tracking current charts of other women, and make your own chart public, if you wish. You can track, reply, and/or delete comments made to your shared chart.

OvuFriend makes it easy to make new friends. You can send messages to others you meet in the OvuFriend forum and other sections of the site, as well as follow and comment on friends' charts.

If you'd like to share how OvuFriend helped you get pregnant, calculate your fertile days, and/or pinpoint ovulation, write to us! Let us also know what new features you'd like to see here, or any other suggestions you may have. We're always willing to listen to you!

Read about why we created OvuFriend fertility calendar, who we are, and how we operate. Learn about our mission and what is important to us.

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