OvuFriend aims to help ALL women get pregnant. That’s why every member has access to the Advanced Ovulation Detector free of charge, regardless of the type of membership.

You can compare the difference between BASIC and PREMIUM memberships and check the prices below.


Differences between memberships

Functionality Basic Membership (free) Premium Membership
Current Cycle
Advanced Ovulation Detector
Knowledge Base
Basic Cycles Reviewer
Advanced Cycles Reviewer
Chart Gallery – basic browse
Chart Gallery – advanced search
Test Gallery – basic browse
Test Gallery – advanced search
Cycle Interpretation
Cycle Forecaster
Fertility Detector
Pregnancy Sign Detector
Pregnancy Tracker
(How can I get the OvuFriend Premium membership free of charge?)


Premium Membership Prices

  1 month 3 months 12 months
TOTAL PRICE $10 $20 $45
You save - 1 month free 7 months free
Price per month $10 / month $6.66 / month $3.75 / month



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