Journals / Title: Waiting For Chook *A Journey Through RPL*

Author: stuckinoki

About me: I'm 29 years old. My DH and I have been actively TTC for over 4 years. We have suffered through 13 MC/Chemical pregnancies, all unexplained. We have visited 4 REs and countless other OBGyn doctors for testing, and IUI etc.

Months trying to conceive: 51

1st October, 5:34 pm

Cycle 51
Clomid 200mg
Dexamathasone 4mg

We are finally ready to try again, after our 13th miscarriage [this one at 7 weeks] in April, we had been continuing to TTC, but only with half a heart. I had tried to say that I was finished trying, and that I was going to give up and try to accept that our life would be one without children....but I'm not now, nor have ever been, a quitter.

So I popped into the OB, grabbed an RX for Clomid, one for Dexamethasone and a new steroid bottle just in case it happens for us this month.

Each month that goes by, I become more and more bitter. Watching ladies that I had been TTCing with 4 years ago get pregnant with their first, second and even THIRD child takes it's toll on the heart eventually. I have been forcing myself to stay positive, because I know that we could definitely get lucky one of these times.

I'm contemplating another IUI cycle this month....I have an appointment with the RE on the 11th of October, and I'll technically be CD11 so maybe....or maybe I'll make another appointment for the following week and we can do it then....or maybe I'll just say forget it and we'll just give it the old college try!

I'd like very much for this to be our month, but since we're only CD1 today, anything could happen.

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