Journals / Title: One eggs search for the prefect sperm!

Author: Rosey
20th June, 4:16 pm

Wonder if this will be an anovulatory month, have all the feelings of AF and noticed a little spotting today. Not too worried focusing on other stuff right now. Think my stress levels are about to kick off, on my own in work as my colleague is on holidays, always a busy/stressful couple of weeks. Ha Ho, head down plough through! :-)

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6th July, 5:02 pm

Well my colleague is back and all in all I didn't do too bad holding it together but the stress definately increased as the time passed and the work got piled on! But its over now. Day 40 of this cycle so definately in a long one. Waiting for news on the house move but nothing so far. :-)

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11th July, 10:43 am

Was doing a sort of experiment, stopped all but vit and aspirin to see how my body is doing on its own. I have given that up!! I feel really irrational and irritated all the time in work and at home! Poor DH! I'm back on oep since last night in the hope that will help! Off work now for 1 week, yeah!! Hope I feel more even soon. :-)

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29th July, 12:59 pm

Still in my long cycle. So weird looking back its at the same time as last years long one! It lasted 111 days so interesting to see what happens this time. Just trying to not think about it too much, most days doing fine, now and again I'm sad. What a roller coaster this all is. Back to feeling like I'm the only person here! :-)

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31st July, 5:12 pm

Hi Kitten! I haven't tested with this cycle cause there doesn't seem to be much point, no significant rise in temp, in fact a number of low temps and no other symptoms of note either, seems like a waste of tests!! I'm packing away, I had hoped for a moving date within the next week but it may be end of August due to our purchasers mortgage taking a little longer to proccess. Think DH is procrastonating he has bearly packed any of his stuff. I have half my clothes packed, living room is in boxes, loads of stuff from the guest bedroom packed, all but a couple of my coats packed. Not looking forward to the kitchen though. I hope your doing OK?

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27th August, 10:57 am

The house move happened on the 18th. Now we're just settling in and painting away! Stress level has been up and down but mostly there has been nothing to note in my observations until yesterday, very dizzy, don't know what that was all about. Looking forward to the bank holiday weekend to get some more unpacking done! :-)

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11th December, 1:46 pm

Nothing happening with my cycle. Been very stressed with work and busy at the house. Considering looking into menopause vits to see if they would ease the hot flushes which are interupting my sleep and as a result I am tired all the time. Looking forward to Christmas. Christmas craft this year is crocheted scarves for all the ladies! Keeping the hand and mind busy! :-)

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15th December, 12:20 pm

Hi Kitten, I have started a menopause vit see if that helps. Have ordered more AC as that seemed to help with the mood swings which feel a bit out of control. I'll definately see the Dr in the new year about it all and see what is suggested.

Oh cosmetic bags sounds very adventurous to me, I don't sew so well although I have asked Santa for a sewing machine so if I'm a good girl I could be learning soon!! I haven't crocheted before, I watched an online tutorial and got a VERY simple pattern for a scraf and hey presto thats what everyone is getting whether they want it or not!! :-)

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22nd January, 2:44 pm

Wow AF is visiting, who'd a thought!

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