Journals / Title: One eggs search for the prefect sperm!

Author: Rosey
13th March, 1:15 pm

I'm disappointed today, temp has plummeted and cramps are really strong AF must be due to arrive any time. Don't feel devastated like I did last cycle so going to try and stay possitive as I enter a new cycle. DH off this weekend and I'm really looking forward to that, although he does have man flu!!! I could end up nursing the entire time, but still, I'm looking forward to it. :-)

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18th March, 2:30 pm

Entering the fertile period, which has become more of a patio door than a window with my crazy ovulation! Starting at a bad time though, very busy week and DH back to night shift its going to be hard to fit in the dancing or even have the energy for it! We'll just have to see how we go this time. Had a good weekend, DH trooped through his man flu!! :-)

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20th March, 11:35 am

So after my stressing last cycle about ov I decided to take the more relaxed approach this time, so no surprise I have practically missed ov this time!! I find my unreliable ov very frustrating, so cd14 last cycle but cd8 this time!! How's a girl supposed to plan!! We did manage a dance this morning but I think this month is going to be an opportunity to relax and consentrate on next month. What a swizz, when every cycle feels so important its disappointing to have to write one off, I was really trying hard to relax and not get so uptight, last month I was so stressed about it. Hay ho, nothing I can do now. :-)

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1st April, 10:50 am

Seems I need not of worried in my post of 20th March. I do not appear to have ov this cycle, don't really know whats going on, my temps have stayed low.

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2nd April, 10:54 am

Yah, I don't know if I could still ov, I have never come across this before. I'm cd21 with expected af cd28. I'm not doing great Anna, I had just come to the conclusion this was going to be one of those months with no ov, which I have read about. Then we went to my in-laws for mothers day, my husband, who is 36 has an older sister (41 in Jan), so my age really. Well she anounced she is pregnant, not trying, in fact advised against it as her husband is on bad medication for baby development, but seems she could get pregnant easily anyway. At Christmas he younger brother who got married in June past anounced they were pregnant, they just tried the once and were really pleased they would be having their baby in August '14 as thats the month they wanted! I've been trying for a year, charting, healthy diet, looking after husbands diet and suppliments, doing "everything right" so to speak. I'm not doing well since having to sit there which the two pregnant women swapped exciting mid wife storys and I died inside. DH has been very supportive, but I am struggling.

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15th April, 11:13 am

So in the end OF thinks I ov on day 21 so AF expected in a couple of days. I don't know if its reliable or not but I can at least start over if something happens in the next couple of days. And just to make it even better we are camping for the holiday weekend! I have found the distraction of prep for the trip great but the thought of AF when staying in a field is less than appealing!! I am actually looking forward to camping, no testing, no temping, just the birds tweeting and DH snoring!! Its going to be great, we usually have at least I disaster but sure thats half the fun. :-)

New cycle, I'll see how we go. DH is a bit worried about how emotional and down I got last cycle, I'd like to stay a bit more balanced, like I can control it!!?! But I will try. We are really busy at work and I'm aware of the potental for the stress level to start to climb, just have to watch that one. :-) Let the crazyness begin (again)!!! :-)

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16th April, 11:09 am

Thanks Kitten, yeah I guess the timing is better than if it was ov, air bed not great for that!! Too bouncy!!! lol!! :-) (and tent walls to thin!!) I know too much info!!

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18th April, 10:39 am

Off today camping, no tech to speak off so catch up with you all on the 24th. :-)

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28th April, 12:22 pm

Back from camping, had a great time. Only one stormy night that caused us any concern. Cold nights meant lots of cuddling in close!!

Back and onto the OPKs have had two positives already, after last cycle I am a bit unconvinced that it means I have ovulated. Since last month my temps have been higher in general than when I started this process a year or so ago. Not sure if that means anything but it has made it harder to compare by looking back. Nothing I can really do I guess except to go with the flow! I got stressed about it a couple of months ago and that didn't help either so now I'm trying the 'what will be will be' idea.

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29th April, 10:50 am

Well OF says its likely I ov on Sat, we did manage a BD that day so at least there is hope. Very early considering the long cycle last time

We're heading off on holidays in 4 weeks and I have already got the cases out to pack, really working well as a distraction, hoping the TTW will fly by. Every time I see the cases I get really excited, and a little distressed about the size of the ironing pile I have to get through before as it has most of the summer clothes in!! That makes me sound so bad since they have been there since last years holiday, but that was late in the year - really!! :-) (Really I hate ironing!)

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9th May, 11:31 am

Nothing new to report, just thought I would check in. POAS this morning but BFN, disappointed. Woke up early roasted and know other women have had night sweats and got BFP, its amazing the tit bits of info you hold and that throw a curve ball right at you when you think your relaxed about it all. Back to waiting to see. My Dad has a big birthday this weekend so lots of stuff to do for that hopefully it will go by quick, want to enjoy the birthday bash but just waiting for Wed (I think thats when AF is due) is rubbish! :-(

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12th May, 12:25 pm

Well i think my chart was a bit out this time, I have been having a 16 day LP so that would make ov two days earlier than the chart said as AF arrived yesteday with full force. It still amazes me how painful the cramps are but how low the flow is! TMI sorry! Well new cycle, and off we go again. Going for a blood test as I discovered thyroid issues in my family, just to rule it out really. Having that done tomorrow then I imagine it will take a while for the results. Dads do tonight, been blowing up balloons and picking up birthday cake, baking pavlova, all go!! Trying to stay possitive. :-)

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15th May, 4:35 pm

Birthday celebrations went well. OPKs started today and already look strong, we'll see how that goes over the next couple of days. Last cycle was a short one so we'll see how we get on this time. :-)

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21st May, 1:25 pm

So 11dpo and OPKs have dipped off again after a strong positive on Sat/Sun. In full swing preping for hols, leave on Sat morn and I'm really looking forward to it. I don't know what my cycles are doing anymore and this time at least I really can't be bothered worrying about it! I have to ring this afternoon for my throid test results so don't know how that will go. If I get a chance I'll up date, if not it will be tomorrow. BRING ON THE SUN!! :-)

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21st May, 1:33 pm

Quick update, thyroid is normal! Don't know that I'm releaved as this means that my all over the place cycles are down to age probably. I think I feel disappointed, feel like I might have to come to terms with being close to the end. :-( Going to speak to the Dr tomorrow to get the results of my hormone profile.

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23rd May, 11:33 am

Holiday is here!! Just to finish today at work and then we are off at 3am to the airport. Two weeks of lazing about, I am so looking forward to it. I got my hormone profile back and it was 'normal' so thats good. Going to try to process everything and relax a bit on holidays, I have been quite anxious about work lately. Still no ov this cycle but I'm in two minds whether to temp etc when away, DH says give it a break and relax completely and I am thinking he might be right, we'll see. Hope you ladies do ok when I'm away, it would be great to come back to good news! :-)

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10th June, 5:21 pm

Well the holidays over! Back to work already. We had a lovely time and really enjoyed it. DH encouraged me to stop symptom spotting, no temping and no poas! So just getting back to it now we're back. Feeling happy not hopeful really but happy enough. Hope all you ladies are good, been catching up on your journals.

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11th June, 2:03 pm

Thanks ladies, nice to be back home now. If I'm honest I'm feeling negative about the whole ttc rollercoaster. Not negative or down in myself though, quite happy. I just wonder if it is going to be for me, the blood tests at the doc before hols say I'm normal - whatever that is! We are not going to go for anymore tests or help, at this stage we just don't think its worth it for us. We met later in life and that in itself has affected some of the choices we have made and it is definately affecting the baby decisions. We would like a child to add to our happy family, not to make it a family so whilst I am disappointed that it hasn't happened, the fact that the blood tests showed nothing wrong means to me that its likely only age stopping me. Its just unfortunate that I don't have the luxury of time to just keep trying until it happens. We'll just keep trying knowing at some stage sooner rather than later my body will stop the process. My cycles have started changing, this will be the second in three months with possibly no ovulation, I'm day 32 today with no idicators where I am although my temp low. Just have to wait and see. :-) I'm with Kitten on knicker watch!!

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12th June, 1:56 pm

Had a mega drop of temp this morning. Was wondering can I ovu this late, cd33, when normally I would between day 7-15? Is it possible or is it more like I won't at all? Still with Kitten in the watch at wait game!

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13th June, 12:12 pm

Thanks M, yeh I think thats what I knew deep down but wondered if maybe there was hope! I had some cramping early this morning that feels very AF like, so expect in the next couple of days it will be showing it's ugly head!! Although I will be glad when it finally arrives, so that I can actually keep a track of where I am. :-)

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