Journals / Title: lifelongdream

Author: milli

About me: The main thing I wanted to be as a kid was a mom. As the years have passed and af visits I feel like my time is running out.

Months trying to conceive: 9

My story: I had first mc @ 27 second @ 31. Am now 33 and my bf wants me to be pg just as much as I do. Had hsg done this cycle and specialist said everything works great. Keep hoping every month that af wont visit, but she constantly disappoints me. Have had a few symptoms but I don't feel it. Guess there's always next month. Am considering trying BC since 100% of women I know who have been on it now have their healthy children. Any suggestions are helpful.

My emotions: Disappointed, frustrated, sad

23rd September, 4:56 pm

Felt sick early this morning but am not thinking too much into it because I just feel I will be disappointed. Breasts are sensitive but not hurting or feeling much of anything. Mouth feels like I have wax on the top of it and thats about the only update other than my temp rising.

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30th September, 4:52 pm

Looks like the wicked witch of the south WWS is leaving... wish she were melting for nine months :(
I am actually thinking that I might not be ovulating because every time bf and I are BDing is dead on when we should be... My temp doesn't really drop when my opk tests come up positive... My next option is to try otc progesterone cream if I can find some... Has anyone thought about, tried, or maybe even researched better than I have on that option?

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