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Charting and fertility talks

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Fluctuating temps during period??

Josi81 2 Rosey
20th November, 5:27 pm
When did i ovulate?

Bbybear 2 Bbybear
10th November, 4:51 pm
FB contest

Rosie 8 Wendy
7th November, 5:20 pm
So I guess its true

Mum23girls 4 Carrie
28th October, 4:25 pm
I think OF was wrong.

Wendy 4 Rosie
28th October, 1:43 pm
Solid line in chart(as opposed to dotted line)!!

Wendy 6 raley
22nd October, 3:10 am
How is Ovulation detected?

DodgerGirl 5 Carrie
21st October, 10:05 am
rocky mountain temps & how do I put chart in post

Bbybear 3 Carrie
21st October, 10:03 am
Dashed line vs Solid line

DodgerGirl 8 Carrie
18th October, 3:27 pm
Premium Membership??

8 Rosey
15th October, 11:07 am

Bbybear 6 Bbybear
12th October, 3:24 pm
Eggwhite cm

Lisa 5 CountryGirl333
11th October, 6:04 pm
Stalk my chart!

redhair 3 CountryGirl333
11th October, 5:56 pm
Resetting a chart?

anxiouslywaiting4abfp 3 Lisa
7th October, 3:27 pm
could this month be it?

BooMama08 4 Lisa
3rd October, 3:15 pm
Got my crosshairs. I O'd.

Wendy 1 Wendy
25th September, 6:25 pm
Question about BDing

5 Rosie
25th September, 1:42 pm
Implnatation dip 3dpo brown spotting and cramps ?

missbx 5 missbx
23rd September, 4:43 pm
FF says I O'd, but not OF

Wendy 6 Carrie
23rd September, 2:47 pm
Dashed & solid lines

21st September, 12:42 am
CM-- or lack thereof?

Wendy 5 Nicky
19th September, 3:42 pm
Dots in chart

D 8 Wendy
13th September, 6:55 pm
AF is over.. too late to temp??

Wendy 3 D
10th September, 3:17 am
When did i ovulate?

missbx 4 wbee
9th September, 4:18 pm
No longer solid line

Rosie 1 Rosie
6th September, 12:15 pm
Forgot to temp

Rosie 6 Jess
6th September, 11:29 am
Need some chart help!

5 Jess
6th September, 11:28 am
Charting when af

Carrie 8 Jess
6th September, 11:27 am
How you take your temperature?

dany 5 Kissys
1st September, 6:07 am
Flat temps

Carrie 4 D
30th August, 10:04 pm
Chart help needed

redhair 10 Wendy
28th August, 9:23 pm
Ovvufriend has changed my O day

redhair 5 Rosie
26th August, 3:16 pm

MrsOvey 5 Lisa
16th August, 1:32 pm
travelling and charting

Carrie 6 MrsOvey
16th August, 12:15 pm
Luteal Phase

D 3 D
12th August, 5:56 am



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