The Pregnancy Sign Detector becomes active once ovulation is detected on your chart (read more: When will OvuFriend mark ovulation on my chart?) The Pregnancy Sign Detector will accompany you during the second phase of your cycle. It will track:

  • The number of days that have passed since ovulation.
  • Whether the symptoms you experience may indicate pregnancy. The Detector will compare your symptoms with those of thousands other women, and it will calculate the percentage of women with symptoms similar to yours on a given day after ovulation who got pregnant. This function becomes active on the 4th day after ovulation, right after you have recorded your symptoms on the chart. Each symptom is assigned a point value. The more points you have, the better the chance that this time you are pregnant. Of course, this will still only be an estimation. As always, you'll need to take a test to confirm your pregnancy.
  • Whether the days when you had intercourse have maximized your chances of becoming pregnant. The Detector will evaluate the timing and frequency of intercourse in relation to proximity to the ovulation date.
  • When you should take a pregnancy test, and the probability of getting a positive result on a given day if you are pregnant.
  • Your due date, if you have succeeded in becoming pregnant in this cycle.

Remember that the more information you enter into the calendar (in the Observations and Symptoms tabs), the better OvuFriend will be able to determine your chances of conception in a given cycle.