If you're trying to get pregnant, taking your temperature daily may help you get pregnant a lot faster. Determining your ovulation date by taking your temperature has many benefits.

Contrary to popular belief, it's very simple to do and takes little time; it may drastically shorten the time you wait to get pregnant, because it's a reliable method of determining ovulation. Of all the home methods, ONLY your temperature can indicate the occurrence of ovulation. The rest of the indicators, such as cervical mucus, cervical position, and ovulation tests only inform you that the body is preparing for ovulation, but can't confirm that it has occurred. (Is temperature a reliable way to confirm the occurrence of ovulation? and Why are ovulation tests sometimes unreliable?)

It's a vital source of information about your cycles and your health (e.g. whether your luteal phase is long enough to support a possible pregnancy).

It can result in shorter infertility treatment time. The more quickly you can detect any menstrual cycle anomalies, the sooner you can share this information with your doctor. This may contribute to a quicker diagnosis of the problem preventing you from getting pregnant (e.g. no ovulation, luteal phase deficiency, delayed ovulation, recurring early miscarriages), and facilitate the selection of the proper treatment method.

After ovulation, the temperature chart may give you tips concerning the probability of being pregnant (e.g. Can I observe the signs of implantation on my chart?)