If you're travelling through different time zones, resulting in a significant time difference, your BBT will probably be a little lower or higher than usual. Your BBT may also be influenced by travel to a significantly warmer or colder climate.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do in such a situation. Temperature deviations usually occur only during the day of travel and one day after it. These two temperatures should not distort your chart's interpretation. However, if you're still waiting for ovulation, pay close attention to the other indicators of fertility, such as mucus, the cervix, or, if possible, take an ovulation test. This data will increase the chances of a reliable interpretation of your cycle.

If you suspect your temperature measurement may not fully reflect your actual BBT (because of the time change, the climate, your health, etc), you may check the "Ignore this temperature" box and note down the unusual occurrence in the notes tab.