OvuFriend offers two types of membership:

  • Basic membership (Free)
  • Premium membership (Paid) 

By signing up for the Premium membership, you gain full access to the advanced functions of the OvuFriend website, which are not available through the Basic membership.

Because OvuFriend's main goal is to help every woman get pregnant, regardless of their membership level, the most important functionality of the website - the advanced calculation of fertile days and ovulation date -- is available to all free of charge. 

The Basic membership (Free) allows you to use OvuFriend as follows:

  • Current Cycle - access to ovulation tracking calendar and advanced detection of fertile days and ovulation. No access to the fertility detector, the pregnancy sign detector, count of days past ovulation, statistics of the predicted date of ovulation and menstruation.
  • Cycle Interpretation - full interpretation of the current cycle is disabled.
  • Cycle Reviewer - browsing, printing and sorting of previous cycles is enabled. The statistics table is disabled. However, the statistics of your previous cycles ARE taken into consideration in calculating your fertile days and ovulation date.
  • Cycle Forecaster - prognosis of fertile days, ovulation and start of menstruation for the next 12 months is disabled.
  • Due Date Calculator - fully enabled.
  • Pregnancy Tracker - the module that measures the exact duration of pregnancy, the age of the fetus and the estimated due date is enabled. Keeping a pregnancy calendar, weekly updates about the child and the mother and weekly images of fetus development is disabled.
  • Chart Gallery - browsing through 50 of the newest charts is enabled; searching for charts and browsing statistics for search criteria is disabled.
  • Test Galery - browsing newly added tests without searching them by name or type of test is enabled.
  • Knowledge Base and Community - is enabled in its entirety for reading as well as active participation (adding comments, writing, editing).