OvuFriend allows users to collect points and exchange them for a free Premium membership (What does the Premium membership include?) You can earn points toward a free Premium membership by:

  • Recommending the OvuFriend website to a friend - if the person you refer registers (starts a free account) at OvuFriend, you earn 10 points. If that person also buys the Premium membership (for any number of months), you will earn 100 points. Make sure that in either instance your friend clicks on the exact link you sent her to enter the website.
  • Adding your chart to the Chart Gallery - if you post your chart in the OvuFriend Chart Gallery, you will earn 20 points (How can I post a chart in the OvuFriend Gallery?) All charts are completely anonymous. We never publish any of your personal information or your notes. OvuFriend encourages women to post their charts, because it may help other women who are trying to become pregnant.

For a free one-month Premium membership you need 100 points (100 points = one month of Premium membership). Your points are exchanged for Premium membership automatically. For example, if you have already earned 10 points because your friend registered, and then you earn another 100 points  because she buys the Premium membership, you automatically get one month of the Premium membership free of charge, and still keep a balance of 10 points. If you already purchased a Premium membership, the free period of Premium membership you earn with points is added to the length of your purchased Premium membership (you never lose Premium membership days you have acquired through points or purchased).

To check your points balance, go to "Settings" (link in the upper right corner of the page), the "Points" tab. There, you'll find details about the number of points earned, exchanged and currently banked.