The Journals are a place where you can write down your own story of trying to get pregnant and read the stories of other women also trying to conceive.

You may keep the journal private, or make it available for other people to read and comment on. If you decide to write only for yourself, no other person will have access to your journal. A journal can be a unique souvenir of your journey to motherhood. It may also be a good way to deal with your emotions, helping you to recognize and understand them.

If you make your journal public, it may be helpful to other women trying to get pregnant. You can even make special "advice" entries. Others may comment on your entries, but you can delete these comments at any time.

You can easily change your mind about access to your journal -- either make it private or public at any time.

You may also find other women's journals helpful. If you like a particular journal, you may add it to your list of favorites and be alerted when new entries are added.