To determine ovulation, OvuFriend takes a number of indicators and statistics (including your previous cycles) into consideration, and analyzes and compares them with thousands of other similar cycles.

A sustained increase in basal body temperature is necessary to confirm ovulation (marked with a continuous line on the chart). (Is basal body temperature a reliable source to indicate the occurrence of ovulation?). However, remember that every situation is unique. That's why the number of factors needed to pinpoint ovulation date varies from chart to chart. You can find a list of your fertility signs that indicated the occurrence of ovulation on your chart in the Fertility Detector window.

If you don't take your morning temperature, and you use ovulation predictors only (e.g. OPK), OvuFriend will pinpoint a tentative ovulation on your chart. (Can OvuFriend determine ovulation on my chart if I don't take and record my temperature?). Ovulation predictors tell you that the body is preparing for ovulation, but don't indicate its actual occurrence (Are ovulation predictors reliable?).