The Fertility Detector analyzes and identifies the status of your fertile days on a daily basis, using the observations you enter (cervical mucus, the position of the cervix and ovulation predictors) and your statistics from previous cycles. Each day, the Detector will display one of three colors:

  • Green light (fertile day) - you are in the most fertile phase of your cycle. To increase your chances of becoming pregnant, continue to have intercourse until ovulation is indicated on the chart.
  • Orange light (possibly fertile day) - some of your ferility signs suggest that you might be fertile.
  • Red light (non-fertile day) - none of your fertility signs suggest a fertile day.

The Fertility Detector provides a table which lists fertility signs and displays your fertility status for a given day.

The Fertility Detector also tells you the date ovulation occured and which fertility indicators confirmed this interpretation. (When will OvuFriend mark ovulation on my chart?)