In OvuFriend, you have three options for recording your cervical observations:

  • position (high, medium, low) - note the height of the cervix and how far you have to reach with your finger to feel it.
  • texture (hard, medium, soft) - when you touch your cervix, is it hard as a rock or rather soft and plump?
  • opening (open, medium/half-open, closed) - are you able to notice a slight opening in the cervix? Often, in women who have already given birth, the cervix is always slightly open, but you should still be able to observe a difference in its degree of opening throughout the course of your cycle. If you can't, skip this part and check the other indicators (position and texture.)

Make sure you know the guidelines for examining the cervix (How to make observations of the cervix?) Remember that changes in the cervix are very subjective and vary from woman to woman. That's why it's important that you note the differences in the position, texture and opening of your cervix throughout the course of your cycle.