OvuFriend gives you many options to help detect fertile days and ovulation. First, decide how much time you would like spend and how precisely you want to know the date of your fertile days and ovulation. The OvuFriend calendar offers several options, depending on the time investment you're willing to make.

1. Would you like to set aside a few minutes a day to learn the exact date of ovulation? Take your basal body temperature, observe your body, and OvuFriend will interpret all the entered data for you. Not only will you learn your ovulation date, you'lll also be able to identify possible anomalies in your cycle earlier than usual. Charting your Basal Body Temperature is one of the most reliable methods of determining ovulation.

2. If you don't want to track your temperature, you can just conduct ovulation tests and check your cervical mucus. OvuFriend will let you know when to start testing, will interpret the test results for you and connect them to your mucus observation data.

3. If you only want to learn the approximate date of ovulation, without setting aside time to observe your body and conduct tests, OvuFriend will determine the expected date of your ovulation and the next menstruation based on the average length of your cycles.

4. Additionally, if you are one of the 20% of women who experience subjective symptoms accompanying ovulation (e.g. ovary pain), you may record them in the ovulation calendar and plan intercourse based on this information.