OvuFriend is a website for women trying to get pregnant. Its main goal is to help women conceive, whether they've been trying for a while, or are just getting started.

At OvuFriend, women trying to conceive will find information that can help them get pregnant faster. They will learn whether they've been having intercourse at the right time, whether their menstrual cycles seem normal, and what their chances of becoming pregnant in a given cycle are. Every day they receive a helpful Tip of the Day, chosen to help increase fertility and chances of conception. Women who use OvuFriend gain a better understanding of their fertility through an analysis of their personal information, as well as that of thousands of other women trying to conceive. In addition, within the OvuFriend community, women trying to conceive have the opportunity to interact with others in the same situation.

Every woman is different. That is why OvuFriend does not work like one of those widely available ovulation calculators. OvuFriend uses an innovative fertility algorithm, which analyzes the personal information women input and compares it with that of thousands of other women to determine which days offer the highest probability of conception.

OvuFriend is a place free of any form of ideology, open to all women regardless of age and how long they've been trying to conceive.

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