The place where you track your fertility and learn your fertile days is the Current Cycle. Here, you will find your temperature chart as well as all the information you provide (including your body observations, tests, meds, symptoms, etc.)
To begin entering data, click on the current day of the cycle (marked with a vertical grey stripe). After you click on it, a window containing the tabs: Observations, Tests, Symptoms, Meds, and Notes will appear.
In the  ‘Observations’ tab, enter your daily morning temperature (How to measure basal body temperature?), and cervical mucus observations. (How to make observations of the mucus?)  If you decide to make observations of the cervix, you may record it here as well. (How to make observations of the cervix?) This is also where you can track if you had intercourse that day, and if spotting or bleeding occurred. In the ’Tests’ tab, you may enter the results of any ovulation predictors (OvuFriend will take them into consideration when determining your fertile days and date of ovulation) or pregnancy tests you've taken. Don't forget to note any symptoms you experience or any medications you're taking. There's also a place for notes.
Every piece of information you enter will appear below the temperature chart. The more data you enter daily, the better OvuFriend will be able to determine your fertile days and your ovulation date.
You will find the current status of your fertile days in the Fertility Detector, located on the left of the temperature chart. (What is the Fertility Detector?) When OvuFriend detects ovulation, it will mark it on your chart. (When will OvuFriend mark ovulation on my chart?)
After ovulation, you should also check the Pregnancy Sign Detector, which will inform you of your chances of conception. (What is the Pregnancy Sign Detector and how does it work?)
If you've tracked your cycles previously and have saved this information (the length of cycle, date of ovulation), enter it by clicking on the 'Settings' link in the upper right corner of the page and going to the 'Cycles' tab. OvuFriend will also take this information into consideration when determining your fertile days and ovulation date.