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What is OvuFriend?
OvuFriend is an easy to use website designed for women trying to get pregnant.

It will maximize your chances for pregnancy by determining your most fertile days. OvuFriend is not one of those widely available fertile days calculators. We know every woman is different. To determine your fertile days and detect ovulation, we combine our unique fertility algorithm and advanced statistics tools with your knowledge of your body.   We’ll ask you to run simple daily observations or tests. We then report back to you daily indicating your fertile days and reliably determining the day you ovulate. You’ll learn if you’ve been having intercourse at the right time, if your menstrual cycles are normal, and what your chance of becoming pregnant in a given cycle is.

OvuFriend is a place free of any form of ideology, and open to women regardless of their age or how long they’ve been trying to conceive.


Why are we here?

We are here to help you get pregnant. We want to support your efforts to conceive by providing you with reliable information about your fertility. We want to ease the process of calculating your ovulation date. Most of all, we want you to have wonderful and joyful experience trying to conceive, regardless of the path your journey to conception takes.


How does it work?

We combine the massive calculating power of computers, advanced statistics tools, and your knowledge of your body to determine the most fertile days in your cycle. We work with fertility experts to provide you with the latest and most reliable information to help you conceive. We are here for you and everything we do is to serve you.


What is important to us?

We want you to feel comfortable at OvuFriend and to earn your trust. If you have any problem, suggestion, or you just want to share something with us, please contact us contact@ovufriend.com.


Your data is safe with us. We will never give your email address to anyone, nor will we send you messages without your consent. We don't like spam either!

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